(Brilliant) Talks of (brilliant) Santino sitcom (brilliantly) continue

Beth Phoenix

I don't care if this picture looks like it was taken in my dad's basement, she's still hot (and it's not a WWE copyrighted picture, muahahahaha)!

According to PWTorch.com, the talks of a sitcom starring Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix and, yes, Vladimir Kozlov continue. Of course most of the talking has been done by Santino himself, but if it wasn’t true, surely they would have fired him like that big-mouth Mr. Kennedy. Santino said this about his proposed male co-star:

“I’m definitely friends with Vladimir. And in the developmental territory, we were a tag team. Years ago. Before the WWE,” Santino told TV reporters, including IGN, last week. “He’s just one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen in my life.”

I’ll believe it when I see it, but as a huge fan of both Santino and Beth, if what has been said about Vlad is true, this could surpass Tuesday Night Titans as the greatest show ever produced by WWE. Mr. Fuji is gonna die just so he can roll over in his grave. -Eric

Vince McMahon to appear on ECW tonight, address brand future


Trust me, this guy won't be part of the announcement.

According to PWTorch.com, Vince McMahon will appear on ECW tonight to “address the ‘future of ECW’.” Ratings have been sliding steadily for months now, and since WWE sure ain’t gonna put the emphasis back on the “E” in ECW, who knows what will become of WWE’s Tuesday night vehicle. Will it be a supplemental show for Raw or Smackdown? Will it just be another Superstars, featuring the guys (and gals) who didn’t make the cut for the main shows? All tag teams? (Ha.) All women? (Please, not with WWE’s women.) Push the cruiserweights? Developmental? (That’s a terrible idea.) No matter what happens, here’s hoping Josh Mathews still has a job in the end. -Eric

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