ECW Gets Replaced With NXT!

Dry those eyes fair readers cause this will make you smile. According to, WWE has announced that ECW has been canceled (sad face) and is being replaced with an all new show called….wait for it…..WWE NXT. Yes, the promotion has no vowels and no concept to speak of but it is being marketed straight to douche bags who enjoy butchering the English language for the sake of being hip.

Imagine if you will the meeting with all of creative and this is the best name for the new product they could think of. Was there a deafening silence or overwhelming applause when this name was introduced? Regardless the pillar of cool and hip Vince “MacDaddio” McMahon signed off on this shit name so he is to blame.

Really not sure how this even fits the SYFY brand nam…..never mind. They renamed their perfectly acceptable Sci-Fi Network to the current vowelless trash that makes you even more embarrassed to be watching “Giant Shark versus Giant Squid.”

Now it gets even better, is reporting that there is a promotion already using the name NXT. Who knew it would prove so popular? Of course it is in Scotland so does that even matter? Screw the Scots;  they had one good period of history and that was when Braveheart came out on DVD. See, no one gave a shit about that movie when it was released; Academy Awards be damned. -Jeremy

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 5

Two Belts were on the line in this episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the card which involved Aaron Draven versus M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross for the TV Title and Johnny Gargano versus Mike Tolar for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombowski introduced Aaron Maguire but the camera forgot to show him. Maguire was sharp enough to make up for the camera gaffe by sliding into the picture even though he was nearly sitting on Dombrowski’s lap.

Bobby Beverly came to the ring with Dawn Decadence to take on Hobo Joe. Beverly upgraded his look by adding the douchebag faux hawk. Beverly extended his hand for a shake but Joe spit in his face. Joe  took over after an even opening couple of minutes. Beverly took a break on the outside. Joe threw him into the guard rail. Beverly hit a drop toe hold to make Joe go face first into the guard rail.  Beverly got a two count after a fireman’s carry driver that was sloppy. Beverly got another two count after a flying forearm.  Joe hit a pair of should blocks to knock Beverly to the outside again. Beverly hit a good looking fisherman’s buster but still only got a two count. Beverly turned a urinogi into a back breaker for the victory. Beverly brought a chair into the ring to curb stomp Joe but Gregory Iron made the save.

Analysis: The outcome was it it should be but was a poorly executed match on both participants parts.

The Rock Show was introduced by Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender. He said that PWO management told them they needed to defend their titles against Luis & Isaac Montana. Bender made a great point by saying it took them two years to get a title shot in PWO. He went on to say that they have a strategy ready for the upcoming match.

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