Maria Sings The Hits

Much props to my eye in the sky from the Torch Forum, Robert Miquelio, for this “story.” (It involves a hot chick and that is going to get us a bunch more hits, so I don’t really care what it’s about.) So anyway, here’s 30 seconds of Maria singing or something. Enjoy.

The Art of Wrestling – Slick Ric

Ric Flair doesn't strut like this. Yes, I'm an architectural nerd.

TNA has finally started to produce some new shirts for their “new” talent. At the top of that list, especially in the Bucks County, PA court, name-wise is Ric Flair. His new shirt is titled “Stylin’ & Profilin’ “.

On the back of the shirt, TNA went non-creative. It just says “Stylin’ “, below that a smaller “And” and on the bottom “Profilin’ “. “Stylin’ ” & “And” are in a bland white text that only has a hint of purple (or possibly silver) in the upper right hand corner of the N. “Profilin’ ” has purple in the P, R, I & N. They shouldn’t have half assed the purple striping. If you’re going to include additional colors, there needs to be a pattern, a reason for it and it should be part of all of the words.

On the front of the shirt, we get some real entertainment. The main graphic is a male symbol. The only thing that could have made it worse was if the arrow symbol pointed down. The words “It Takes a Certain Flair…To Be…” are inside the circle of the male symbol. First off, there’s no reason to have “…” in between “Flair” & “To Be” other than to highlight your lack of knowledge of the English language. For some reason, they added a second circle inside of the male symbol which only helps to leave less room for the words “The Man” in the middle. The text, male symbol and the interior circle all are completely white which makes the highlights of purple on the rear of the shirt even more asinine.

TNA couldn’t have made a worse t-shirt. It’s awful. If someone buys this shirt, they should be held down and branded with an “S” for stupid on their ass. Don’t just take my word for the level of awfulness of this shirt either. Look at the reviews below the shirt but some of the highlights are: “r u serious?? i would think you would sell this kinda shirt at a flea market, not the tna website!! Booooooooooooooo!” and “Boooooooooooo….this would keep out of the arena, i wouldn’t want to get near it !!” These fans may not have a grasp of the English language like TNA, but at least I won’t have to brand them. – Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio #81

Jeremy Maes, surprised at having his photo taken during an audio recording.

It might as well be Christmas all over again for you lucky Stunt Grannyites, because Dusty and Kevin deliver everything on your list and then some in this excitement-packed audio update. You wanted them to talk about the Royal Rumble? You got it! You wanted them to talk about Monday Night Raw? Why sure, they can do that. You wanted them to give their opinions on William Shatner’s performance as the guest host? You have to know that you get all of that and then some in this here audio. Don’t believe otherwise.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #81

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