The Scott Steiner Workout Video

So apparently Scott Steiner has a workout video. Thanks again to Miquelio for the tip on this. Here are a couple clips from YouTube to entice you to purchase the video:

Alright, so buy this video immediately or else your life is a miserable failure. – Dusty

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 6

There was an "I" in team but for which team in the PWO Tag Team Title hunt?

They showed the end of last weeks show. Jimmy DeMarco then came on with a caption that the promo was from last week. He said he was out trying to find fulfilment. He said he attacked Johnny Gargano because he’s the best in Pro Wrestling Ohio. DeMarco said the fans succeed through him. Gargano will not help him find his inner good guy. DeMarco is going to make Cross and Gargano play by his rules. He said the thing that will be his fulfilment will be taking the PWO Heavyweight Title from Gargano.

Analysis: The promo was a little meandering but it was well done. It was great to start the show off on a different foot rather than going straight into the theme song and introduction.

Joe Domborwski said that Aaron Maguire would join him soon. He also mentioned that the PWO Tag Team Titles will be on the line later tonight. Nicky Valentino came out with Dawn Decadence, who towered over him because of her heels. Gregory Iron was Valentino’s opponent. Iron punched Valentino while he was posing. Iron then hit a suicide dive through the middle ropes. Valentino reversed an irish whip and threw Iron into the ring post.  Valentino continued to wrap Iron’s good arm around the post. He targeted the arm more after they got back into the ring. Valentino came up empty on a frog splash. Iron winced in pain when he clotheslined Valentino.  Dawn Decadence distracted the referee to allow Valentino to get in a low blow but Hobo Joe came out and used the distraction to punch Valentino with a boxing glove on a pole. Iron hit Handicapped Parking (aka Downward Spiral) for the win.

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