Stunt Granny Audio #82

Holy crap, it’s the Asshole Edition of Stunt Granny Audio! Yep, Jeremy and Eric team up for the first time in months to discuss the happenings of the day. Hear their thoughts on the three big stories on Monday Night Raw (John Cena-Bret Hart-Vince McMahon-Batista, Shawn Michaels-Triple H, and Randy Orton-Sheamus), plus Show-Miz as the new unified tag champs. The guys speculate on WWE NXT, wax nostalgic about Ted DiBiase, then switch to TNA to make fun of Ric Flair’s new T-shirt and Kurt Angle’s new “food” product. Silly wrestlers. So just click and listen! (72 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #82

Desperate Kurt Angle hawking crappy food-like product

Angle breathing heavily

(running to local grocer) "*huhhh huhhh huhhh* Oh shit, I gotta get me some of that great-tasting... *gasp* ready-to-eat food!"

As if JBL’s Mamajuana wasn’t bad enough… According to, Kurt Angle has begun shilling a new line of… some sort of food stuff. Here, if you can make him out between all the gurgles and pills under his tongue, let Kurt explain:

“Fans and friends always ask me, ‘How do you stay in great physical condition year-round when wrestling over 190 brutal matches and travelling 225 days a year,” Angle is quoted as saying in the UK Sun.

“My secret: I eat great-tasting, ready-to-eat Angle’s Signature Series meals prepared by my personal Olympic training chef and nutritionist.”

Let’s dispel a couple of rumors. One, Kurt Angle is not in great physical condition. Not year-round, not month-round, not between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 a.m. Two, TNA runs maybe 10 house shows a month in VFW halls and barns across the country, and when he’s not working, Kurt is busy running from the law. That’s not “travelling.” Three, I guarantee you whatever this junk is is not great-tasting. Sure, it may be ready to eat, but so essentially are Smart Ones; just pop ’em in the microwave, and four minutes later you’ve got some smelly tuna sitting in watery alfredo sauce with a gloppy breadcrumb topping. How breadcrumbs get gloppy, I’ll never know. Anyway, the likelihood of Kurt Angle using a nutritionist not named Dr. Zahorian is low, and the possibility of anything with Angle’s name on it, including a prescription bottle, being healthy for you is even lower. Just make sure you wash it down with some Hulk Hogan energy drink! -Eric

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