Spoilers From Tonight’s WWE Raw Taping II

Stunt Granny is live again for the second time in a month at Raw!

I forgot that Mr. Eric Nelson is attending Raw tonight from Des Moines, Iowa. He’s passing along some spoilers so I’m here to add my snarky comments to his live texting. Let’s rock this bitch out like Hold For Swank.

8:19 PM EST – Almost no reactions for anyone during the mania intro video, just lots of woos. Could be an interesting crowd. (Great, let’s hope this crowd doesn’t sit on it’s hands like the ones in Cleveland.)

8:26 PM EST – Jack swagger beat jason jones. Dominated him grappling. jones showed decent fire on two hope spots, swagger won with his finish. Lots of boos. (Swagger really should get a name for his gut wrench power bomb.)

8:44 PM EST – Evan and primo beat carlito and chavo in a good ten minute match for superstars. Great reaction for evan, afew cheers for carlito. Rate battery, no show. (The last comment was his answer to us doing a short live show afterwards. I have no fucking idea what a rate battery is though. Let me go to bed on time at least.)

8:56 PM EST – Gail kim over katie lea. Not bad at all. Katie worked an arm and gail sold it like two pros (and unlike most guys). (That’s not too big of a shock to me. I could gripe about the WWE using their women wrong but it’d be as useful slamming my head against a brick wall.)

TNA Impact To Monday Nights

Wow oh wow, this comes as a shock to absolutely no one. During the TNA press conference, moneymark and TNA President Dixie Carter revealed that starting March 8th that Impact is going to Monday nights.  Impact is going to air as direct competition to WWE by running from 9-11pm . It is hard to muster the energy to laugh at TNA and their awful decisions anymore.

There is no reason to hate this move if you are a fan. It gives Raw some competition again and hopefully will make a better product for WWE. On the flip side, Impact will have some real energy much like their Monday night special, for a change. It won’t always be live but that’s fine. It gives them an entire week to cut out establishing shots and those terrible lingering camera shots that allow the angle to get over. Why bother with those when you can cut backstage to the next Abyss clapping and laughing mouth fart?

So, in review, TNA is going to Monday nights. WWE Raw will still air on Monday nights. ECW is gone. Smackdown is still the best wrestling show in the states and well, that’s it. -Jeremy

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