PWO – Season 3 – Episode 7

Sex Appeal was all over this episode.

As Brian Bender came to the ring, Joe Dombrowski said that his tag team partner Earnie Ballz could be on the shelf for an extended time. Matthew Justi was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that both wrestlers have been working hard in the gym. They split the offense early until Justice held onto an arm bar. Bender assaulted Justice in the corner. He irish whipped Justice into the opposite corner but got caught charging in with a back elbow.  Bender caught Justice coming off the second rope with a urinogi. Bender got Justice in a couple of reverse chin locks. Bender gave Justice a modified Samoan drop but made a cocky cover. Justice turned around the offense with a double axe handle to the stomach. Justice used his speed advatantage to hit and run. Justice got the win off a tope rope cross body block.

Analysis: Good match that highlighted Bender’s hesitancy without a tag team partner. Justice can certainly wrestle at a high level. The announcers were right to point out their bulking up and it doesn’t look unnatural.

Bobby Shields and Nicky Valentino were backstage. Shields said him and Bobby Beverly became the new tag team champions. Shields complimented his lawyers. They worked their contract so that any three of Sex Apeal can defend the belts. Valentino suggested a number of old timers as their tag team partners. Shields shrugged him off and said him & Valentino will be defending the belts tonight because Beverly is off training for his PWO Heavyweight Title match against Johnny Gargano. Shields said Beverly will bring the gold back to Sex Appeal. Shields closed by saying they will squash the pimple know as Fontaine’s Freaks tonight.

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