Stunt Granny Audio: Survivor Series Nostalgia

Prozac made its debut in 1987. So did the Survivor Series.

This marks the Stunt Granny audio debut of message boarder Zourah, who capably fills the role of “nostalgia expert.” He joins forces with Stunt Grandmother favorite Dusty to talk about the Survivor Series. How did it get its illustrious start? Why is Vince McMahon a hypocrite when it comes to predatory practices? Why did they switch from five-on-five matches to four-on-four matches, to regular singles matches and back again, and then back again? The crew attempts to answer all those questions and more as they hop on the Way Back Bus and journey through time and space in covering what was once one of WWE’s flagship pay-per-view shows. We hope you enjoy, or else there shall be dire consequences.

God damn this thing is long so we split it in to two parts kids!

Stunt Granny Audio Show- Survivor Series Nostalgia pt 1

Stunt Granny Audio Show- Survivor Series Nostalgia pt 2

The Undertaker is Indestructible

This clip is fucking awesome in its sheer bad-assery. It’s been long known than Undertaker is a weird dude who loves motorcycles, tattoos, skinny blonde chicks, the poon of skinny blonde chicks, and getting tattoos of names of skinny blonde chicks. (But he hates cucumbers. Go figure.)

Now, with this clip, it is chiseled in stone that he is the baddest of all asses anywhere ever. He walked through fire, people! And he didn’t even get burned! Yeah, he ran a little, but if you don’t think Jesus scampered tip-toed across water like a pansy, you are a fool.

And if you have a clip of a more baller human feat than this, post it. Oh, but no scat, gay porn or whiffle ball bats to the nuts, please. -Jeremy & Eric

Ric Flair assaulted by 17th wife, still basically white trash (now with 100% more mugshot)

Flair Hogan

"Got any other tours planned, Big Man? I smell another divorce!"

The hits just keep on comin’ for lottery ticket-scratchin’, 80-year-old penis flashin’, ROH-duckin’, 30-years-his-junior chick fuckin’, whiter-trash-than-Kurt-Angle WWE Hall of Famer and TNA flea market mascot Ric Flair. According to, Flair was assaulted Sunday night by the woman I believe to be his fourth wife, Jacqueline Beems. Hey, what happened to that Tiffany chick he was running around with? She was way hotter than his two daughters combined. Anyway, no word on what started the fight, but rumor has it Flair elbow-dropped her slippers in retaliation. According to the report, Flair suffered minor injuries but refused any treatment. He’ll probably just show up at divorce proceedings with a bandage on his forehead, then rip off a neck brace and smash everything with a baseball bat. WOOOO! -Eric

Oh and his blushing bride is soooo bootifu.-Jeremy

Personal effects my ass.

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