PWO – Season 3 – Episode 8

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Corey Winters & Eric Ryan came to the ring for a match against Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron. As Iron was making his way to the ring, Bobby Beverly attacked him from behind. When Joe tried to make make the save, Winters & Ryan attacked him. They rolled Joe back into the ring and the referee finaly rang the bell to start the match. Dombrowki noted that Iron was finally up on the ring apron to take a tag. Ryan & Winters took turns assaulting Joe. Ryan kicked Iron off the apron when he tagged in Winters. Ryan stomped a mud hole in Joe in the corner then hit a running low kick to the face. Joe caught Ryan charging into a corner with a boot to the face. Joe then hit a second rope elbow. Iron got the hot tag but he whinced in pain every time he used the left arm which Beverly wrapped around the ring post several times. Joe tagged back in, double teamed Ryan and then got the win after the Pit Stop, which is a corner clothesline then he puts his arm pit in the guy’s face.

Analysis: Good match with a courageous finish for the faces.It helped to continue Beverly’s obsession with Gregory Iron I’m not a big fan of Winters & Ryan losing but they can recover. I like both of their looks and they both wrestle well.

Matt Cross congratulated Johnny Gargano on his soon to be victory over Bobby Beverly. Cross said that after he wins his number one contender’s match,  they’ll wrestle again. Gargano thanked Cross and said the shot is his as long as he wins his match.

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WWE Releases Charlie Haas and Scott Armstrong

Over the weekend WWE released two more people. Really, it’s a “who cares” type of port but we have played out the “nuff said” or the “ zzzzzzz. So, let’s try the straightforward way of doing this.

Charlie Haas was released and really, who knew he had a job. You may remember him as one half o “The World’s Greatest Tag-Team” with Shelton Benjamin along side Kurt Angle. He was also a tag partner with Rico, um, you remember him right? He is married to Jackie Gayda, remember her? God damn he did nothing the entire time he was in WWE. How did he have a job this long with such a lackluster run? Well, it’s over now so who cares.

Referee Scott Armstrong was released as well and he’s a referee  so does this even matter? -Jeremy

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