Stunt Granny Audio #88

Takin it to the hole for the shorties.

The audio is back and ready to blare y’all. Kevin and Jeremy bring the Raw and Impact knowledge nuggets as they muddle their way through both shows. They discuss the disastrous rating for Impact and wonder if TNA should have waited until after WrestleMania to make the move. They also shout about Randy Orton and the weird way he has been virtually tossed on the card. There is actually way too much time devoted to TNA and the miserable product they have presented the last two weeks.  So forgive us but listen to the show anyway ok? Promise we won’t let it happen again.

Stunt Granny Audio #88

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 10

Do we get another Happy Ending in this episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio?

They start the program seemingly in the middle of a match. It’s just getting started but Joe Dombrowski and Bryce Webster were talking like they were in the middle of it. The match is for the CWE Undisputed Title pitting Hallowicked vs. Jigsaw vs. Shima Xion vs. Michael Facade, who is the champion.  Shima Xion started out against Jigsaw. The match started slowly. The announcers had no idea whether it was an elimination or single fall match up.  All four guys got involved. Shima and Facade hit a duo of hielos onto their opponents. They seemed to be under Dragon Gate rules as Hallowicked rolled out of the ring and Jigsaw came into the match with no dispute from the referee. Jigsaw & Hallowicked tagged in and out while wearing down Facade. Dombrowski not that Hallowicked & Jigsaw team frequently in Chikara. Facade hit a DDT and inverted DDT after arguing from Hallowicked & Jigsaw. Facade tagged in Shima Xion. After more bickering from the masked duo, Facade and Shima Xion booted them out of the ring. Xion then attacked Facade. Hallowicked and Jigsaw came back into the ring which is when four way action started. Shima took out Jigsaw at ring side. Facade rolled up Hallowicked for the three count.

Analysis: The wrestling was good but the undefined rules, cluelessness of the announcers to the rules and bad camera work from trying to follow too much action made it stink.

They replayed the promo with Bobby Beverly and Johnny Gargano because their match up was the main event. I would have prefered fresh promos from both but the replay was good enough.

Ben Fruth took on Krimson in his debut match in PWO. They used a black and white filter for Krimson’s entrance. Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire overreacted to Krimson spitting mist. Krimson beat down Fruth and threw him out of the ring. He tossed Fruth into the ring post and head first into a chair. Krimson rolled Fruth back into the ring where Fruth got some minor offense. Krimson was just punishing Fruth and didn’t try for a pin.  Krimson hit a Roll of the Dice but left the ring when the referee got to the two count. Fruth won by count out.

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