Nasty Boys Are Released

The only good thing from The Nasty Boys

So apparently TNA does know how to do something right after all. According to The Nasty Boys have been released by TNA. This is one of those double edged items. It is good they dumped these fat pieces of nothing. At the same time it is embarrassing they ever got to be a part of the modern wrestling scene.  How this effects the 3D/ Nasty Boys feud is clearly going to be the talk of wrestling for the next fifteen seconds and really; that’s only because it takes a while to say Team 3D versus The Nasty Boys. Go eat some donuts and deep fry those checks boys and good riddance.

3 Responses

  1. Nasty Boys vs Steiners headlining at an armory near you!

  2. Nasty Boys provided a bunch of great memories. The great trainwreck they had against the Hart Foundation at WrestleMania 7. “I thought the Wicked Witch melted when she got wet!” from SummerSlam ’92. Their faux induction into the NWO in ’96. Memories I will cherish forever and ever.

  3. What hell did they do to get released, that appalled Spike exec’s

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