Tony Atlas released, HEH! HEH! HEH! HEH! HEH!

According to, WWE Hall of Famer and “The Abraham Washington Show” sidekick Tony Atlas was released Friday. I truly don’t care, but I wanted to post a video of the horrendously racist Saba Simba character Atlas used to play. -Eric

P.S. Holy cow, speaking of racist:

The Art of Wrestling – Aim High

I wonder if they used these planes for Red Bull's Flug Tag.

Evan Bourne has been sporting a new shirt for several weeks so I figured it was time to get around to reviewing it. While the WWE is certainly toeing a very fine line with his name because anyone over the age of 5 could see the nickname coming for young Evan a mile away. On the upside, using Bourne for a last name makes for some easy merchandising.

On the back of the shirt, is a maroon circle that is surrounded in beige with the bulk of the shirt being the nearly obligatory black. Rays of beige eminate from the bottom of the circle to help promote the feeling of flight because they are directed up. “Evan” is above “Bourne” and both have an upward arch. The lettering is in beige and is surrounded in black. There are also beige “wings” flanking “Evan” that point upwards.

At the top of front of the shirt, we have “Fly Air” that has red at the top but fades into beige. On the bottom, is “Bourne” with the same color pattern but it’s reversed. The lettering isn’t quite as vertically inclined because the top or bottom of the text is flat. I’m not sure why they had the fade on the front and not on the rear but both pop even if the red looks much darker when you enlarge the shirt.

The center piece of this shirt though is the fighter jet coming out from the circle with smoke trailing it. I’m no expert with planes but it looks like a McDonnell Douglas F/A 18C Hornet that was used as a model. The beige streaks have been turned to match the flight of the jet which helps add to the up direction that they have stressed on the shirt. The jet is busting through a biege circle that is littered with small stars. There are two anchor stars at the top, a whored out WWE logo, and just a larger star on the bottom. The star motif is just another design feature that emphasizes the sky and looking upward.

The WWE aimed high and they captured the high flying Evan Bourne with an outstanding shirt. Now if theywould only let him fly up the ladder of Superstars, they might sell more of these shirts. – Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio Special – The Almighty Aaron Maguire

The voices of Pro Wrestling Ohio - Joe Dombrowski (L) and Aaron Maguire (R)

In a move that hopes to garner us a sliver more of fame in the world of wrestling, Stunt Granny is bringing interviews to the internets. My guest is a familiar one, Super Agent turned Almighty, Aaron Maguire. He strolls down memory lane to tell us how he got his start in wrestling and who trained him. Maguire goes on to talk about beating an NXT rookie. The coup of the show is Pro Wrestling Ohio’s rating from this past week. Find out what it is when you click on the link below. – Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio Aaron Maguire Special

TNA to Tara: Get Outta My Company, Get Into My Car

Tara:wrestling::Patrick Ewing:basketball

From Figure Four Weekly:

“I came to TNA last year because I still had a lot of wrestling left in me,” she wrote on her myspace account today.  “I was paid a fraction of what I thought I deserved.  But I wanted to show I was still at the top of my game.  Now my contract is up in May.  I want a modest pay increase.  They don’t want to pay me what I think is fair.  I have no problems going my own way.”

“But about 12 hours after the conversation where we didn’t agree on pay, unnamed sources claim that I am hard to work with and that I don’t give my best effort.  My only response is that TNA made an aggressive effort to re-sign me, among other things saying that they want to build the women’s division around me.  And I think wrestling fans see, both on TV and at live events, that I alwys give 100%.  I take pride in that.  Smeaering me on the way out the door is an act of second-rate character.”

Actually, smearing a fool on their way out is called good business. Wrestling promoters don’t make money by being good people. In any event, let the Jim Ross sponsored speculation begin now! – Dusty

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 15

I'm pretty sure Anna Kournikova is still the hottest tennis player that will get us extra hits even though she hasn't played in nearly a decade. Find out why I reference her after the jump.


Two random guys started talking about some story. They said they’re in the PWO to improve their skills. Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden, Aerofrom, are ready to splash. Analysis: That was a weird way to introduce them. They were on PWO TV during one of the CWE matches. Always like the change of starting with a promo instead of going straight into a match. Score: 0.
Louis Linden took on Brian Bender in the first match.  During the slow start to the match, the announcers talked about the main event of Gregory Iron versus Johnny Gargano.Bender used his size and power advantage to get on top early.Bender ht a nice looking double underhook suplex but only got a two count. Maguire told him that he had to fire Mr. Brinks. Linden turned things around with a head sciccors.Linden got a two count after a missile drop kick. Bender went for a small package, but Linden turned it around and got the three count.
Analysis:It was an OK match. Linden didn’t get to sh off to much of his offense since Bender dominated most  it. They’re continuing Bender’s losing streak since The Clash had to split up because of an injury to Earnie Ballz. Score: 0.
N8 Mattson, with Benjamn Boone, said he wants to add someone to the Sons of Michigan. Mattson then introduced Ben Fruth as Boone’s little brother.  Fruth said it was “good” that he was a Son of Michigan. Fruth was worried about finding Mike Tolar (and even had a shirt on that said “Have You Seen Me?” with a picture of Mike Tolar.) Mattson & Boone told him to stop worrying about Tolar because he’s a Son of Michigan now and they stormed off.

Happy birthday, pro wrestlers! (April 28-May 4)

Caylen Croft

I hope for your sake you can climb that ladder behind you.

Let’s see how often I can keep this up (I guess it depends on how un-busy I stay at work):

May 2: Caylen Croft (Kris Pavone, 30)

Well shit, looks like I need to find something else to do. -Eric

Movie news: Gorgeous George biopic, DDP/Danny Trejo flick expected

danny trejo

"Read my interview or I'll kill you."

What a weird (but awesome) place to find professional wrestling information: According to The AV Club, WWE Films is slated to film a biopic on recently inducted WWE Hall of Famer Gorgeous George, based on the book “Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Popular Culture.”

The picture breaks McMahon’s odd, self-imposed code of never doing a film about wrestlers, an exception he made because of the unique historical impact George had—not only within the world of professional wrestling (which borrowed all of his flamboyance and outsized theatricality, and the idea that audiences love rooting against a bad guy almost more than rooting for the good guy), but well beyond it. Both Muhammad Ali and James Brown said that they based their boastful self-promotion on George, while a chance meeting with Bob Dylan (which he later wrote about in The Chronicles) gave the young singer “all the recognition and encouragement I would need for years.”

A big congrats to Vince & Co. for finally embracing pro wrestling history pre-Bruno Sammartino (or pre-Hulk Hogan, for that matter.)

Also according to The AV Club, Danny Trejo (soon to be of “Machete” fame, as well as almost 200 other roles) is set to star in “Vengeance,” a movie that takes its cue from the Charles Bronson “Death Wish” series, where Trejo plays a vigilante whose wife and kids were killed and who goes on a murderous rampage. And Diamond Dallas Page is in it!

DT: Remember I told you that I love Charles Bronson? Charles Bronson was doing movies called Death Wish, where they kill his family and he becomes a vigilante. That is basically the storyline: They kill my wife and daughter, and I take revenge, vengeance, on criminals. I kill people that are jaywalking.

AVC: Really? Is it a comedy?

DT: No, no, no. It’s a really serious vigilante flick.

AVC: And 50 Cent and Jason Mewes are in it?

DT: 50 Cent, Jason Mewes, Diamond Dallas Page, Donal Logue, Baby Bash, Tech Nine, Houston Alexander, and Rashad Evans. We’ve got some monsters in it.

So yeah, good for Diamond Dallas Page, who worked with Trejo on the Rob Zombie film “The Devil’s Rejects.” The Trejo interview is really good, and it makes me wonder if meeting DDP would turn the new old softy from a life of boxing to a routine of Yoga for Regular Guys. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #96


Eric and Kevin post up to discuss a little teensy bit of TNA (no, that wasn’t an AJ Styles height joke), including Eric’s dad’s opinions of the monster Abyss, and the viewership’s opinion of keeping iMPACT! tuned onto their TVs. The boys switch gears to the WWE, first dissecting Triple H’s leave of absence at the hands of Sheamus, then analyzing the draft in further detail than they’d even been able to do in writing! Amazed yet? Well, wait until you listen to the show! (50 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #96

Eric’s Blog: What we’re stuck with after the WWE Draft


"It's a little crowded in here, guys!"

Wow. After a real stinker of a WWE Draft, Monday Night Raw ended up more top heavy than Punky Brewster as a 16-year-old, while Smackdown is as barren of a wasteland as Bea Arthur’s dead crotch. Seriously, look at how the two rosters came out in the wash (I apologize if I forgot anyone, but my work computer is not conducive to skimming’s roster pages):

Raw babyfaces
John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, John Morrison, Great Khali,
Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino Marella, Primo
Hart Dynasty

Raw heels
Batista, Chris Jericho, Edge, Sheamus, The Miz
Ted DiBiase, Ezekiel Jackson, Carlito, Vladimir Kozlov, William Regal

Smackdown babyfaces
Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Christian
Matt Lardy, MVP, JTG, Kane, Finlay, Chris Masters, Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer

Smackdown heels
Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Big Show
Dolph Ziggler, Luke Gallows, Shad, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, Chavo Guerrero, Tyler Reks, Dude Busters

Now let’s ponder some of the questions that arise:

*Why keep Edge and Jericho on the same show when their feud has fallen flat?
*Why keep Punk and Rey on the same show when their feud is almost over?
*Who new does Cena have to feud with once Batista leaves? He’s already gone the Edge and Jericho routes, and Miz was treated like a retard last time he tried to feud with Cena.
*How is Morrison supposed to spread the proverbial wings when he’s being smothered by three babyfaces?
*How is Orton supposed to flourish when still stuck underneath Cena and Hunter (when Hunter is healthy)?
*Who is Swagger supposed to get some rub from? Undertaker, who will pin him every time? Rey, with whom they’d reeeeally have to stretch for a legit reason to feud? Or Kofi or Christian, who as of now have earned no right at a title shot?
*And what about Punk, who should be moving up the roster? Not by feuding with Taker, and definitely not in programs against Kofi or Christian.
*I hope the big surprising exciting final pick of the supplemental draft, MVP, has fun feuding with, ummm, Vance Archer? Tyler Reks? Blecch.

I suppose it’s nice that DiBiase has some babyfaces to match up against, and we might be lucky enough to get a Morrison-Miz program (but let’s allow Miz to put a few more wins under his belt against chumps like Goldust and Primo so he can run his mouth, thus causing fans to want to pay to see him get his comeuppance). But what of someone like Cody Rhodes, stuck on Smackdown to have completely unnatural feuds with Chris Masters and JTG? Or Matt Hardy, who, now with fewer people to fight for the buffet over, will gain at least another 75 pounds by the end of “his year,” 2010? Raw is only intriguing because it’s bursting with so damn many people; Smackdown is going to suck, and there’s no amount of shuckin’ and jivin’ Teddy Long can do to fix it.

punky brewster

Stupid reductions.

WWE Supplemental Draft “Live” Coverage

Hot women will not be at your fantasy draft or online for the WWE Supplemental Draft.

Since this draft is more slow moving than the NFL draft, I’m going to be giving my thoughts for the Supplemental Draft. I’ll be updating as soon as the WWE posts something. I may even throw in some thoughts from last night’s show.

First PickTo Raw: The Great Khali & Runjin Singh. Umm, if a bear shits in the in woods, does anyone care?

Second PickTo Smackdown: Chavo Guerrero. Too bad I used up one analogy for not caring already. Poor Chavo is a trooper but no one cares about him. Maybe he’ll be reunited with Vickie to give him some cred but he’ll probably stay as a Superstars iron man.

If I actually read all of these comments from other people in the WWE Universe, I’d be frothing mad. Some people might be playing the jack ass role but I get the feeling that way too many people are really this dumb –

[Comment From Matt Matt: ]

Chavo is so under-used and underrated, good pick for SD!

Third PickTo Smackdown: Cody Rhodes – Are they trying to make Smackdown as bush league as possible? Knobby knees is not going to replace Edge, John Morrision or R-Truth. It saves a Rhodes/DiBiase feud for a later time (I’m ignoring the possibility of DiBiase moving over later). Maybe they’re just punishing Matt Striker for making Michael Cole sound good twice within a month.

I’m going to continue this comedy festival that is a “draft”. Do a Teddy Long shuffle and click on the “Read More” button below.

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