Jeff Jarrett, Karen Angle to get hitched (not, like, trailer hitched… well, kinda like that…)

Jeff Jarrett Kurt Angle

It's still, like, a metaphor.

You can put the Hogan/Bischoff/Hervey into the white trash, but you can’t take the white trash out of the company: According to (by way of Karen Angle’s Facebook account, which hearing she has one surprises me since Kurt Angle hates his women having Internet access), the stripper-turned-regular-old-whore and Jeff Jarrett are engaged to be married. Good lord, TNA is like scumbag mogwai: If you get it a little wet, the garbage multiplies. If you recall, Jarrett made no haste in hooking up with the ex-wife of the man who usurped his spot atop the dung heap known as TNA after his own wife died of cancer in 2007. I guess he thought his daughters needed a good female role model around the house. Anyway, wedding invitations are certain to insist that men dress in white pants and that women dress in next to nothing, that guests purchase their gifts from the couple’s registry at, and that security keep a close eye out for anyone pretending to be Buffo the Clown, the hired entertainment for the reception. -Eric

Angle clown

"It's B-U-double-F-O, bitch!"

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  1. They’re going to be serving mini tacos and Spaghetti O’s and Meatballs at the wedding.

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