Stunt Granny Audio #93

It’s another edition of The Audio Experience and boy is it an experience. Dusty and Jeremy start off talking about Jim Cornette and his now infamous e-mail to Terry Taylor. It’s a fun romp through history as they praise Cornette and bash Terry Taylor for being a total piece of trash. Then the show gets interesting as they try to talk about TNA but Jeremy has a near nervous breakdown and just rants for ten minutes straight. Poor Dusty doesn’t say much but he sure knows how to keep a good thing going. So give it a listen. Its frank, honest and mind-blowing dontcha know?

Stunt Granny Audio Show #93

The Jim Cornette Commentary.

Matt Hardy Hot Tub Creepiness

White Trash Wedding Bells

All white trash weddings in PA take place in Fire Halls, trust me.

We here at Stunt Granny were busy yesterday getting our tuxedo shirts dry cleaned for the second white trash wedding announcement within the week. Not surprisngly it involved the king of white trash, Kurt Angle, who is now engaged to Giovanna Yannotti according to the UK Sun (by way of They met while filming that fine movie End Game. We wish them nothing but luck in  their marriage so long as they entertain us at their wedding (A Giovanna wardrobe malfunction while she slides down the pole at the fire house is my suggestion) and they show up on TMZ after having stalked Jeff & Karen at the local Starbucks in Nashville. – Kevin

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