Stunt Granny Audio #95



"Listen to this show or I'll tap dance on your face!"

Dusty and Eric are back (~!) to discuss Tuesday night’s NXT, including Heath Slater’s surprise win over Chris Jericho (and Jericho’s fantastic reaction), plus what the boys see (or don’t see) in each of the rookies. They then wonder how the hell you get an arm stuck in someone’s knee brace before going into great detail about the upcoming WWE Draft. Who would Dusty move to Raw? Who would Eric keep on Smackdown? Who would they fire? Where would Mike Knox go? What are their justifications? Just click to listen, silly! (68 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #95

Happy birthday, wrestling people we don’t know!

chain gang cake

Here's your Chain Gang cake, stupid.

I’m bored at work and going through an Excel spreadsheet made by Jeremy “Stalker” Maes listing wrestlers’ birthdays and real names (*gasp* Kayfabe! Kayfabe!) and thought I’d share a few coming up in the next week:

April 21 (today): Bubba the Love Sponge (Todd Alan Clem, 42; it’s iffy as to whether he’s even a person, but OK)
April 21 (still today): Jay Lethal (Jamar Shipman, 25)

April 22: Ezekiel Jackson (Rycklon Stephens, 32)

April 23: John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena, 33)
April 23: Tony Atlas (Anthony White, 56)

April 26: Kane (Glen Jacobs, 43)
April 26: Amazing Red (Jonathan Figueroa, 27; whoa, two red guys have the same birthday!)

April 27: Vladimir Kozlov (Oleg Oleksandrovych Prudius, 38)

If I were still 10 years old and had access to this information, I’d make a sign out of posterboard and glittered letters that said, “HAPY BIRTHDAY JOHN C ENA!” with a little cutout of his head floating in the corner. Oh boy! -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #94

The guys had to beat on the rented mule that is TNA or did they?

 Due to volcanic activity in Iceland, Raw was a waste of time so Kevin and Jeremy did a movie preview of MacGruber and talked a little about how handcuffed the WWE was for this show. The guys wonder whether TNA iMPACT! capitalized on their opening by (possibly) hot shotting a title change and actually having a fairly well organized show. They dwell on some of the negatives of the show, but what did they think of it overall? Can TNA keep momentum going with their next week? Find out what Jeremy and Kevin think by clicking the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #94

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