Matt Hardy Is Garbage

Pictured above: Duke "The Dumpster" Droese.

Matt Hardy posted on his Twitter:

“I hate him, I really do.”

“The reason I hate Drew is cuz he’s been given everything without workin’ for it.. While I’ve busted my ass for EVERYTHING I’ve ever earned!”

“And to earn everything I that I’ve have, I’ve sacrificed & destroyed my body.. That’s why I actually respect Edge-cuz he’s done the same.”

The first thing you need to know is that this, like everything else he does, is a work. The second thing you need to know is that either way, Matt Hardy is absolute garbage. I don’t go to the hate place very often (Hardcore Holly, Shannon Moore, Terry Taylor), but it is well deserved here. Matt Hardy is scum. Everything that comes out of his mouth is sewage. I hope he suffers great pain for the rest of his life. Fuck Matt Hardy. – Dusty

Awesome Kong To WWE?

Smothering fools like whoa.

So apparently Awesome Kong has been playing Twitter-tag with Steve Austin and Jim Ross recently, and they seem to have offered her a full blown endorsement. Now, I would take that with a tremendous grain of salt considering neither one is technically *in* WWE at this point, in any actual way. But they are big name dudes, so it def means something. (It means that if Jim Ross and Steve Austin start their own wrestling promotion, they would for sure hire Awesome Kong.)

Common sense dictates that this is the right thing to do anyway, and it would appear that there is a spot open for Kong now that Mickie James has gone off to record her album/beg TNA for work. So a tenuous, tenacious, pteradactyl thumbs up from me. – Dusty

Chaos In Ireland

Peep this right naaaw, from Jason Powell:

WWE star Mark Henry was arrested and issued an “adult caution” following an incident that occurred at The Hilton in Belfast, Ireland last weekend. “I was trying to get as many signatures as possible on the card and my collectors book,” WWE fan James McClay  told the Derry Journal. “Mark Henry was abusive and ignorant but I got his signature and walked away. Suddenly he threw a drink around me from behind.

“I turned around to see him stand and square up to me, suddenly John Cena and Randy Orton grabbed his arms and held him back. I honestly thought I was in one of the plot lines back stage. I felt like I was watching this happen to someone else. Suddenly Chavo Guerrero piped up egging Mark Henry on, that really annoyed me as I am a fan of his. I thought this is going to get really bad as all these wrestlers were on their feet.” To read the full story, visit

Powell’s POV: The story also notes that McClay attended WrestleMania 26 and intends to get married at WrestleMania 27 next year. He also claimed that the drink Henry threw soaked him, his fiancee, and the birthday card. It’s important to note that we’ve only heard the fan’s version of the story. Thanks to Dot Net reader Martin Caldwell for passing along the story.

I’m supposed to feel bad about some dude who is getting married at WrestleMania? Yeah sure, I’ll get right on that… – Dusty

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