Peace Out Batista

And I quote:

By Mike Johnson on 2010-04-24 21:07:25 The word making the rounds in Baltimore, where the WWE crew has already arrived for tomorrow’s Extreme Rules PPV, is that Batista is finishing up with the company this week. He’s challenging John Cena in a Last Man Standing bout on the PPV. Batista has made noises about leaving dating back to this January, so we’ll see whether this is really it or not for him soon enough.
I reported the following on 4/20 in the Elite section:

“Batista’s contract has either expired or will be expiring later this summer, depending on who the source is. I can’t see the company pushing him so hard if his deal had expired, so I believe it’s the latter. I was told Batista was informed he might not be starring in Killing Karma right around Wrestlemania weekend but the official decision wasn’t made until about 7-10 days before the never-ending European trip. One of the reasons for the change is that WWE didn’t want to release a film with him down the line if he wasn’t under their employ.”

Batista has been great lately in his heel character, but at 41 years old and with a long history of injuries, it’s not like they can’t replace him. Place your bets now on how TNA will misuse him! – Dusty

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  1. TNA don’t have enough trim for him to slam. Big Dave would go through the Knockout in 3 days. WWE did supply him regular coochie with the new interchangable divas.

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