Don West: Still The Best Part Of TNA

TNA is run by braindead boneheads and as such took Don West off television, thus depriving their loyal fans of absolute greatness. Thank God they didn’t fire him outright, because he’s still the best part of TNA. This video is proof. Is Jeff Hardy a Mummy-riding freak? Don West knows the truth. – Dusty

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 19

We know where it happened in PWO, but we don't know who. By the way, how do I not have this DVD?


Joe Dombrowski hyped the six man tag team main event between Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe against Sex Appeal. Gargano joined Dombrowski for commentary.
Benjamin Boone was accompanied by N8 Mattson to the ring for his match in the #1 Contendership Tournament for the PWO Heavyweight Title.  Michael “The Bomber” Facade was Boone’s opponent. Gargano complimented both potential opponents for his title.  Facade caught Boone with a drop kick off the top rope as he came into the ring. Boone mismanaged a moonsault but eventually muscled Facade up for a power slam. Gargano said that Boone wrestles like a bear by mauling and staying on top of you. Boone delay suplexed Facade but only got a two count of it. Boone threw facade outside the ring, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to get in a couple of cheap shots before tossing Facade back into the ring. Boone applied the bear claw to Facade but he came back at the two and a half count. Facade used his speed to duck around Boone’s offense and to quickly strike.  Facade hit a good looking spring board spinning wheel kick.  Facade went up for a top rope moonsault but Mattson hit him with the TV Title. The referee counted Facade out.
Analysis: Perfect ending to the match since Facade will be taking on Mattson for the TV Title soon. Well wrestled match to that point. I was laughing at Facade having problems getting his gi off for a Jeff Hardy like girl scream moment. Gargano got a phone call about half way through the match and left Dombrowski flying solo. Dombrowski asked him what it was for but Gargano didn’t explain. Score: +1.
Doctor Monstrous said that she will be making her debut soon. She told all evil doers to be aware because she’s coming for them. Someone off screen called for Portia to come to her photo shoot. Doctor Monstrous shook her head and said she’s not Portia.

Daniel Bryan Released? (Update #3)

David Blaine might have just used his street magic powers to make Daniel Bryan disappear.

Unlike anything Matt Hardy has ever been involved in in his big fat useless life, this is a possible work I am actually interested in. From

WWE has come to terms on the release of NXT first season rookie Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) as of today June 11, 2010. We wish Daniel Bryan the best in all future endeavors.

This is potentially a part of the NXT Invasion Angle. We here at Stunt Granny will keep you abreast of the situation. Huh huh huh, I said “breast.” – Dusty

UPDATE: From Meltzer:

The people who needed to know were told that Bryan Danielson was fired for choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie during the angle on Monday night. That shot was edited from replays of the show. It’s not known why this would lead to someone getting fired and from all accounts, Danielson was described as the type of person you want a dressing room filled with.

The choking with a tie was described as being too violent for what is allowed on WWE television.

UPDATE PART 2: Gabe Sapolsky put as his Facebook status “It’s not a work”.

Someday I hope it’s explained to me why WWE made this ridiculous, IQ lowering decision.

Update Part 3: According to, John Cena is as upset as the rest of the online WWE fans about the release of Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan. It looks like Dusty was correct to assume that this firing was a work in the first place because Cena wouldn’t comment on something like this without the company’s permission. Cena going against the company would be like Matt Hardy turning down a ho ho buffet. – Kevin

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