Sean Waltman Is Fucking Gross, A Tragedy

One of these men has Hepatitis C.

From Meltzer:

Sean Waltman, who is still working indie dates even with Hepatitis C, was on the Cowhead show in Tampa and said TNA won’t use him due to liability issues. He said he didn’t know how he got the disease, but said he had a lot of unprotected sex in his lifetime. He talked more about his suicide attempt a few years ago, saying that he got depressed, attacked his girlfriend Alicia Webb. He then got even more depressed, took Valium and drank a bottle of Bacardi and tried to hang himself. Webb found him right before he was about to die, and saved his life, giving him CPR under the paramedics arrived. Webb, who was his valet in AAA and worked in WWF as Ryan Shamrock, the sister of Ken Shamrock. Vince Russo wanted to book an incest angle between the two of them in the late 90s, but Ken turned it down, which was one of the reasons he got depushed. Then, as seems to always happen in wrestling, Webb and Ken became an item.

Once again, why would you even hire a person like this? What the hell is wrong with TNA? – Dusty

Scott Hall Fired

Scott Hall lived by himself in the swamp. He hunted alligator for a living. He'd just hit 'em in the head with a stump.

Word going around the According-To-Meltzer campfire is that Scott Hall has been fired. I’ve seen no other news on why, or any of the details on this, but I can’t say it really surprises me. Hall was a no show at his June 9 arraignment hearing after his arrest on drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest charges stemming from a May 13 incident. He has plead not guilty in this case, but the Hitching Post bar in Chuluota, Florida where this all went down apparently has the entire incident on film, so Hall could be in big trouble if he’s not telling the truth. (Although we all know Scott Hall does nothing but tell the truth.)

Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming. Scott Hall is an absolute mess. It further cements TNA’s status as a total joke of a company that they would even hire him in the first place. It’s been more than ten years now that Hall has been battling his personal demons and pissing all of his once great talent down the drain. Quite frankly, there has to come a time when you realize that some people just don’t want help and are perfectly content to waste their lives with nonsense until the end of time. As it stands now, Scott Hall is a wasted life. TNA is just a joke, and this firing should have never happened, because the hiring should never have happened.

Now can we get rid of Nash and Waltman, please? – Dusty

ODB leaves TNA, moves to Bev-er-ly… Hills, that is


U-S-A! U-S-A!

If you’d just sign up for the VIP Forum, you’d read little tidbits like this from industrious folks like Havoc: According to her Facebook account, ODB has left TNA:

“would like to thank all the tna fans for all the support but tna and odb have parted was the right decision to make for myself.1 door is closing another 1 is opening bammm”

That’s fine; I like her and all, but her time in TNA had run its course. She may or may not show up in WWE ever — and if she did, it wouldn’t be under the name “ODB” lest Mattel sue WWE for “using a dirty word, tsk tsk” — but she has plenty of options, including continuing filming movies on Flip cameras with Kurt Angle and Sid Vicious. -Eric

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