TNA considered many cities for Bound For Glory, cities are all like, “Who?”

TNA boston

"Stay away from my city, TNA!"

According to Brian Fritz at (by way of, TNA considered many cities across the country to host its annual pay-per-view extravaganza, Bound For Glory.

TNA considered several cities as potential hosts for the Bound For Glory pay-per-view, including San Antonio, Nashville, and Boston, according to Brian Fritz of

In other news, I’m juggling three bathrooms right now in which I might take a shit later. I’m also trying to book a show for my band in three weeks and can’t decide if we should try Des Moines, Ames or Fort Go Fuck Yourself. Seriously, this is news? Talk to me when multiple cities BID for your event, you know, like cities do for WrestleMania, a real pay-per-view put on by a real wrestling company. -Eric

Happy birthday, pro wrestlers! (June 20-30)

don west

Happy birthday, indeed.

I’ve been slacking on my wrestlers’ birthdays posts, so here’s 11 days worth, starting with the greatest pitchman in recent memory!

June 20: Don West (Donald West, 47)

June 26: Matt Striker (Matthew Kaye, 36)

June 27: Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque McMahon Helmsley, 41)

June 29: Serena (Serena Deeb, 24)

June 30: Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels, 25)
June 30: Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford, 24)

Wow, it’s really kinda sad that we’ve wanted a 41-year-old man out of the main-event picture for almost 10 years now. -Eric

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