Stunt Granny Audio #104

poop joke

John Cena doesn't need this invitation; he'll do it himself, thank you.

Eric and Kevin are back to discuss WWE Monday Night Raw in detail. How sad was John Cena’s latest “poopy” promo?  Did the lack of in-ring action affect the show, poorly or at all? Was the latest twist in the Nexus angle the best route to go at this stage? And how about the eight wrestlers in the Money in the Bank ladder match for Raw? Also, Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre might not have the great problems Eric thought they would with their work visas, explains one VIP Forum member, but we should all be prepared for the problems Michelle McCool’s marriage to the Undertaker will surely cause. All this and more, just a click away! (69 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #104

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 21

Did PWO 21 get a better review than 20? find out after the jump!

They recapped the match between N8 Mattson and Jason Bane from last week. 
“Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with Ben Fruth & Benjamin Boone for his TV Title defense scheduled against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. The announcers mentioned the matches for Boone & Fruth later tonight. Dombrowski said that Matthew Justice had been suspended and “Omega” Aaron Draven was injured. Dombrowski said that Gregory Iron was still injured after his mystery attacker struck. He is supposed to rest for another couple of weeks. The filled time during a very slow start to the match. Facade locked in an arm bar. Facade got a two count after a standing moonsault. Mattson hit a jaw jacker to change the momentum.  Fruth & Boone entered the ring and grabbed Facade. the referee kicked Fruth & Boone from ring side. A sunset flip for Facade garnered a two count. Facade hit a spring-board drop kick. Mattson caught Facade going for a spring-board to the outside.  Mattson beat him around the ringside area. Mattson tried to get a couple of cheap pins that the referee noticed.  Mattson missed a corner splash. Facade recovered first and got the upper hand with punches.  Facade got a two count after a spinning heel kick.  Facade hit a nice looking fisherman’s suplex. Shima Xion came down to ringside which distracted Facade enough to miss a top rope moonsault. Mattson hit the “Big Blue Buster” aka Code Breaker for the victory.
Analysis: They did a good job with the match, filling in story lines because the announcers had mentioned Shima Xion early in the contest. Mattson gets the victory to keep “Michigan” rolling and Facade looks dopey but doesn’t look terrible for losing. Score: +2.
Joe Dombrowski yelled that they needed a camera in the back. Nicky Valentino woke up Bobby Shields. Shields said he was hit from behind so he didn’t see a thing. Analysis: He’s the only one so far to survive unscathed relatively. Score: +1.

Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre dealing with work visa issues, which is stupid

Drew McIntyre

"Cut the crust off your sandwich, Matt?"

According to, both Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre have had issues with their work visas, with Barrett’s expiring and McIntyre’s situation undisclosed but sending him back home to file paperwork.

“(This) is a bad oversight that you can’t blame legal for as they can do only so much once they’re told a visa is set to expire,” says one former WWE employee. “It is a key responsibility of Talent Relations to keep tabs on all contracts and particulars pertaining to talent being in good legal standing in any which way.”

Meanwhile, a second source stated the opinion that it’s not a major problem in that Barrett and McIntyre simply had to return home to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Well cool, I’m glad to hear this is both a bad thing and not a big deal. These guys and gals in legal (and maybe even the wrestlers who are over here on borrowed time) should maybe pay attention when the alarm goes off on their Blackberry that says “Renew work visa or no longer wrestle and make money.” Or maybe McIntyre is too busy running scared from Matt Hardy. Of course, a slow trot would keep him 100 yards ahead of that tub of goo. Hell, maybe McIntyre let his visa expire so he could go home and see the Loch Ness Monster, or as Matt Hardy calls it, “Grandma.” -Eric

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