TNA considered many cities for Bound For Glory, cities are all like, “Who?”

TNA boston

"Stay away from my city, TNA!"

According to Brian Fritz at (by way of, TNA considered many cities across the country to host its annual pay-per-view extravaganza, Bound For Glory.

TNA considered several cities as potential hosts for the Bound For Glory pay-per-view, including San Antonio, Nashville, and Boston, according to Brian Fritz of

In other news, I’m juggling three bathrooms right now in which I might take a shit later. I’m also trying to book a show for my band in three weeks and can’t decide if we should try Des Moines, Ames or Fort Go Fuck Yourself. Seriously, this is news? Talk to me when multiple cities BID for your event, you know, like cities do for WrestleMania, a real pay-per-view put on by a real wrestling company. -Eric

Happy birthday, pro wrestlers! (June 20-30)

don west

Happy birthday, indeed.

I’ve been slacking on my wrestlers’ birthdays posts, so here’s 11 days worth, starting with the greatest pitchman in recent memory!

June 20: Don West (Donald West, 47)

June 26: Matt Striker (Matthew Kaye, 36)

June 27: Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque McMahon Helmsley, 41)

June 29: Serena (Serena Deeb, 24)

June 30: Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels, 25)
June 30: Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford, 24)

Wow, it’s really kinda sad that we’ve wanted a 41-year-old man out of the main-event picture for almost 10 years now. -Eric

Eric’s Blog: Ranking the Season 2 WWE NXT rookies (Week 3)

Varsity Club


A day late (and a few hundred dollars short), I finally finished this week’s WWE NXT, and while my rankings haven’t changed much, I’ve seen new things out of almost everyone.

1) Alex Riley. It’ll take an act of God to knock Riley out of this top spot. He proved again this week that he has the look, the in-ring work, the timing and the personality to be a WWE superstar. Jeremy and I talked about this over IM at one point, but I could see Riley in a faction similar to the old Varsity Club with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (and maybe master’s degree holder Michelle McCool). But he can stand on his own, too.

2) Kaval. He took two weird bumps this week — one after going face-first into the turnbuckles, hesitating, then taking a flat-back bump, and the other after absorbing Eli Cottonwood’s finisher on his stomach, selling it with a big facial, then flopping onto his back like a fish, suddenly unconscious enough to be pinned. But he still has more character than most of the rest, and he can go in the ring.

3) Husky Harris. I like this kid. His attack on Matt Striker was short but vicious — great forearm to the back, great senton, great smirk on his way up the ramp, with his vest off his shoulders. He’s a cocky redneck, a unique combination in today’s WWE. It could totally work, as could a tag team with Cody Rhodes when this season ends. Let’s see him on the main roster.

4) Percy Watson. I liked his in-ring work for the most part; his dropkicks are better than Kofi Kingston’s but not quite Randy Orton-level, and his flippity splash had some serious air underneath it. He works the crowd like a champ, and while it’s silly, it works perfectly for him (or should I say, he works it perfectly). Keep Urkel around, guys!

5) Michael McGillicutty. I still stumble over a few things about Mr. Perfect’s kid (a label I hope he sheds, but one that puts a high benchmark on his expectations). I hate his 360-degree turn followed by his arm extension that he calls an entrance; I don’t like how his promos sound sooo scripted, and I don’t like that he looks like a mini-Matt Morgan, kinda like a douchey roommate of the guys whose parties you went to in college. McGillicutty just strikes me as a natural heel. He still bumps like a champ, and his finisher kicks ass. Keep working on it.

6) Lucky Cannon. Lucky still looks like a TNA tag team champion, but his work in the ring is OK. His mic work is generic, and his backstory is weak, but he’s serviceable for now. I know, he’s this season’s Heath Slater, a white-bread babyface in a world where the audience would prefer more flavor.

7) Titus O’Neil. Now that I know his backstory, I like him a little more, but something about the fact that he’s such a natural athlete but such a tentative wrestler bugs me. I know it can happen to lots of guys, but he runs the ropes like a weinie and gives and takes moves like he’s just starting wrestling school. It’s OK to be a little more aggressive when executing a bodyslam, Titus.

8 ) Eli Cottonwood. Yuck.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 20

Who could form the Karate Kontingent? I'm cool. I spelled contingent with a K.

Doctor Monstrous warned the evil doers of Pro Wrestling Ohio to beware because she debuts soon.  Joe Dombrowski then asked for Portia to come to a photo shot. Doctor Monstrous mumbled that she wasn’t Portia. Analysis: This was the same segment as last week except they changed the time of when she’s debuting. What crap. Score: -1.
N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone & Ben Fruth for a match in the semifinals of the number one contendership. Mattson told the crowd that Ben was officially a member of The Sons of Michigan. Mattson made him take off his “Where is Mike Tolar?” shirt for a Michigan shirt.  Jason Bane was Mattson’s opponent. Maguire announced that he was raising the bounty on Jason Bane to $50,000.  Bane used his size advantage to knock Mattson out of the ring a couple of times. Dombrowski mentioned that the Sons of Michigan hope to be the finalists for the contendership. Bane chopped Mattson hard. Bane hit some basic offense including a side suplex. Mattson turned it around with a poke to the eyes.  Mattson got blocked and reversed on a suplex. Bane took a swing at Boone on the apron which lead to him being cop blocked. Mattson began working over the leg with elbows and punches. Dombrowski said they have an interview with Johnny Gargano asking him about his possible role in the ambush attacks.  Mattson was still working over Bane’s leg. Boone interfered while the referee was distracted by Mattson. A figure four was applied by Mattson. Bane reversed it by pushing off the mat.  Bane gave Mattson some heavy shots.  The official got hit when Bane went for the F5.  Bane spine bustered Mattson. Boone jumped on the ring apron and got punched.  Bane went for the “Baneline” but was hit in the back with the TV Title by Boone. Mattson hit the Code Breaker for the victory. He slid out of the ring exhausted and beat up. Maguire and his bodyguard Mr Brinks went down to ringside to taunt Bane when the camera abruptly cut back stage.

The Matt Hardy Confessional

I have a confession: I love, love, Matt Hardy’s videos on Youtube. I actually subscribe to his Youtube channel. It’s not that they are any good, quite the opposite actually. They are low brow, low budget and embarrassing for the viewer as well as its creator. Of course, Matt Hardy is delusional and probably believes these are the greatest vessels to get himself over so I am only half right.

What’s worse is that I routinely catch these new videos at work. So I have coworkers, who do not know me from the next guy repeatedly walking by as I watch videos of some fat redneck pretending to be a wrestler.  I can’t muster the energy to explain that he is an actual wrestler. It is easier to take my lumps and solidify my already poor standing in the company.

Matt Hardy’s videos are proof that retards are not photogenic. It does help that he is delusional and believes these are actually effective in getting himself over. The real victim in most of the recent video posts is poor Drew McIntyre. The guy didn’t ask to be in an angle with a developmentally challenged fat kid and now he is saddled being the invisible source of his tard rage. Drew McIntyre may be a charisma less vacant vessel of a wrestler but he doesn’t deserve this.

It’s like being an only child for five years, then your parents accidentally squeeze out a mongoloid; now you’re left holding the bag the rest of your life, but you didn’t ask for the retarded brother!

“Look I can watch myself toot on the bzzzz box.” (Licks television)

Ok, so maybe it isn’t that bad but still. These are the funniest one to six minutes you can spend on Youtube. In an effort of good faith I am posting my five favorite links. Number one is my very favorite, hence the number one, but it embodies everything that is wrong and gross about Matt Hardy.

So enjoy the top five and make sure and subscribe to MATTHARDYBRAND. You will derive hours of enjoyment. -Jeremy






Stunt Granny Audio #104

Too many dicks on the audio!

Stunt Granny Audio proper is back with Kevin and Jeremy bringing the opinions. Join the guys this week as the yet again talk about the new season of NXT. Who looked good; who looked bad and who just doesn’t matter (Hint: He’s the tallest guy on the roster.) They also discuss the ongoing NXT angle and how it played off once they apologized then beat down Vince McMahon. They also go giddy when discussing Evan Bourne and his mini-feud with Chris Jericho. Plus, as a bonus they still refuse to talk about TNA and instead give a quick rundown of the “Too much Kane for anyone to stomach” Smackdown. So join in the fun and listen. We recorded it so you owe us that much. Well, at least download it to make us feel like you care.

Stunt Granny Audio #104

WWE partners with YouTube to show full-length programs

kermit the frog

Kermit isn't watching "Two Girls, One Cup," he's watching ECW!

(PROGRAMMING NOTE: Don’t miss out on our three-part King of the Ring retrospective audio series! We’ll re-post it in a little bit to bump it up to the top, but since we have the chance to scoop other sites with some real news, we had to post this now.)

According to Advertising Age, WWE has agreed to provide four of its TV shows (one of which doesn’t actually exist anymore) in their entirety to YouTube. Good, my old-ass browser at work won’t play stuff on Hulu. The article states that WWE “will make a handful of its popular pro wrestling shows (“Friday Night SmackDown,” “WWE NXT,” “WWE Superstars” and “ECW”) available for streaming to U.S. users.” WWE will also sprinkle YouTube with more clips from old Monday Night Raws and, if my finger-crossing works, Coliseum Home Videos. Kamala bowling~!

“Wrestling is enormously popular on YouTube,” said Chris Dale, a spokesman for [YouTube]. “A large demographic of our community loves to watch these videos, and both [YouTube and WWE] saw the opportunity to provide that community with content that would really resonate with them.”

Oh, I was joking a second ago; I don’t watch any wrestling videos on YouTube during work at all, so this is in no way a huge deal to me. This does kind of beg the question as to whether or not WWE will sound the alarm even louder anytime a YouTube user posts copyrighted material, but,

Mr. Dale said protecting and controlling content is something any content producer can do with YouTube’s Content ID system, even without a premium partnership.”Regardless of whether the WWE was putting full-length episodes on its channel, it would always have the option to use Content ID to block, monetize or track the engagement of its content,” he said.

Good, maybe they won’t take down the “Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” DVD that gets me through my day. Anyway, now I can watch Smackdown guilt-free and fast-forward heavy. And not at work, I swear. -Eric

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