Christian Tore A Muscle

Various places reported last night that WWE’s Christian is out for at least the rest of the year with a torn pectoral muscle. It all started with a tweet (ugh) from MVP wishing Christian a speedy recovery and it snowballed from there.

This isn’t a huge loss for WWE regardless of what you think about Christian. He seems like a decent guy and all and I have enjoyed most if not all of his work but he hasn’t been much of a factor since returning to WWE. They recently inserted him in a feud with Albert Del Rio until Rey Mysterio comes back but that’s been about it. Sure he was ECW champion but what lower midcard wrestler hasn’t been?

This is the obligatory portion of a post where we say the following, ” In the absence of (insert wrestler name here) this is a great time for WWE to push some under utilized or lower mid card wrestler to see what they can do.  Snore. -Jeremy

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