Twitter and YouTube work! Matt Hardy released! He got his wish! (Nerd.)

Wait, see what I did with that picture?

According to, Matt Hardy has been released from WWE. Good riddance. If you’re so god damned adamant about not being a company man for the people who put you on the map… if you’re so full of yourself that you Tweet and YouTube about yourself 12 times a day… if you’re so self-loathing that, as an athlete, you fail to go to the gym for months and then fake an injury (*cough*GilbertArenas*cough*) or OD or whatever gets you sent home like a huge baby, then you deserve to be released, not because you want to go help your brother make TNA the best garsh-darneded rasslin’ company they ever was, but because you’re complete trash and have no place in the biggest company in your field. Have fun continuing to toil in mediocrity, which, if Google Latitude is correct, is located somewhere within your drug-addled brother’s shadow. -Eric

The TNA Roster Game 2010

It’s that time of year again grand kids. The leaves are changing and beginning to fall. The air is a tad crisper. Chilean miners are wearing dark shades even at night. You know what that means? It means it’s time foe the fourth annual Stunt Granny TNA Roster game. Yes that’s right; all four members of the crew get together and give the thumbs up and thumbs down for their imaginary TNA promotion. Give it a listen as some of the choices are not as clear cut as you think. So give a listen to the HD version of The TNA Roster game. We make it worth your time, promise.

TNA Roster Game 2010

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