Val Venis Signed By WWE

Start printing the t-shirts.

Yeah you read that headline correctly. According to Brian Fritz at Fanhouse, Val Venis is returning to WWE. Yes the man known for being a porn star is headed back to PG television. Well, maybe he is maybe he is just going in to a backstage role. I can understand the urgent need to bring him back after he set fire in TNA. You remember that right? He came in with Hogan and Bischoff? Hey don’t click off this yet, there’s more.

Ok there isn’t. No one cares about this move but in an effort to drum up attention I posted on it. It’s hard to even make jokes at his expense since he has been out of the spotlight so long what’s the point? So welcome back Val or will it be Sean Morley? I know there is a joke there somewhere but I don’t have the time or energy to construct one. Carry on with your day.

Oh Matt Hardy is still fat. -Jeremy

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