PWO – Season 4 – Episode 2

I say we celebrate twins for episode 2.

They started off with a new highlight reel and also a nice big fat stamp that says they’re approved by the Ohio Athletic Commission. To open the show, Joe Dombrowski asked Aaron Maguire why he was sporting a mustache. Maguire responded by saying you need to be fair to Mare (as in Marion Fontaine). Jack Verville debuted against Jason Bane. Dombrowski noted that Eric Ryan will debut as Cursed tonight. Poor Verville is getting squashed. Verville begged the referee to stop the match. Bane gave Verville a fall away fan. Maguire said that his “Aar head” fans wanted him back as a commentator and not as an agent so he was retiring that part of his life. Bane rammed Verville into 2 corners in a power slam position then gave him and F5. Bane said that was a reminder as to why he’s the most dominant man in PWO. Bane said he’s done with Maguire and he’s focused on the PWO Heavyweight Title. Bane admitted that Gargano was a good guy but he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bane challenged Fontaine to a match to see if he truly deserved a title shot. Fontaine did not come out.

Analysis: Exactly what should have happened during and after the match. Let’s see if PWO throws him off his title hunt again. Score: +1.

Dombrowski threw us to the tape that Krimson gave them. Krimson asked Eric Ryan to state his name. Ryan said his name but was slapped. This question, answer and reaction were repeated. Krimson said it wasn’t enough to break a man physically, but he had to do it mentally like he did to Super Hentai. Krimson mentioned that he and Ryan are a breed apart from other people. Krimson provided many examples of how they’d be more violent. He ended the promo by saying people would be wearing crimson, like the mask.

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