Tiffany, Jillian Hall released, Mr. Morneau is saddened

Tiffany WWE

What the hell, let’s give this picture one last go-round.

According to, both Jillian Hall and Tiffany have been released by WWE. The Tiffany thing comes as less of a surprise since she was just involved in that domestic dispute thing with Drew McIntyre (and by “involved” I mean “she was the nutcase who assaulted him”). Plus, knowing WWE’s PG rating, why bother having a former Playboy model on your roster (other than to please Nathan Timm).

On the other hand, Jillian Hall has been an incredible team player for years now, first wearing that stupid mole thing on her cheek, then having it eaten off her cheek by Boogeyman, then being cast as a Brooke Hogan-esque screeching caterwauling vocalist. I mean, I know you can’t stay employed forever (and she’d be wise to try to nab some sweet TNA money while they’re still flushing it down the commode), but… eh, honestly, whatever, I felt like feigning interest. Good luck and all that jazz. -Eric

4 Responses

  1. change the headline…. you put they were arrested. Even an “oops” couldn’t save that Caldwell-like mistake.

  2. Good job dudes, save the lawsuits for the good stuff like dead hookers and interns with black eyes!

  3. I am pro dead hookers, but anti lawsuits, so it’s all gravy baybay… – Dusty

  4. Wow, it’s not so much the mistake that makes me sad, it’s the comparison to Caldwell. Now I’ll never win that journalism award at the wrestling hall of fame! -E

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