Happy Baby New Year!

We here at Stunt Granny believe there is no better way to ring in the New Year than to watch a coked up Dustin Rhodes make an ass out of himself on national television, acting out Vince Russo’s mindless jabberings. And yes, that includes watching the skin peel off the rotting corpse of Dick Clark. – Dusty

WWE makes AWESOME signing… signs Awesome Kong.

awesome kong


According to Prowrestling.net, Awesome Kong was arrested Dec. 22 in Hillsborough County, Fla., for driving on a suspended license. She was released on $1,000 bond and awaits trial, where she will likely plead guilty and be given a large fine but possible probation (the charge of driving on a suspended license can be considered serious enough for the accused to be given mandatory jail time).

According to the Web site criminal.lawyers.com,

The elements of the offense of driving or operating a vehicle with a license under suspension or revocation must be proven to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

In many states, the prosecution is not required to prove that a motorist had a mens rea, or “guilty mind,” with respect to any element of the crime. Instead, in those states, the only two factors that must be proved are:

  • That the defendant was driving a motor vehicle on a public highway, and
  • That the accused’s driver’s license was suspended or revoked at the time he or she was driving

In some states, however, the prosecution must prove that the motorist had actual or constructive knowledge that his or her license was suspended or revoked at the time he or she was driving.

Proof of the mailing of the notice of suspension of the license to the driver is not an element of the offense, but the State is required to prove the mailing, nonetheless, in order for it to establish that the suspension is in fact valid.

However, there are many defenses to the crime, including proving the license status of the driver, proving the driver was given insufficient notice of the revocation, or proving the identity of the driver of the vehicle was not actually the accused.

Furthermore, many other defenses have been raised in trial to counter charges of driving with a suspended license, including necessity or emergency, religious beliefs, the constitutional right to travel, entrapment, and the doctrine of laches.

Oh, and Awesome Kong also signed with WWE. Good job! -Eric

John Cena injured (VIDEO UPDATE), Shelton Benjamin sad (about something else)

Drinking out of a red plastic cup? That's cool.

According to reports at Prowrestling.net, John Cena injured his leg during a steel cage match against Wade Barrett at a house show in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Tuesday night. The link posted above describes Cena giving Barrett a bulldog, then being unable to immediately get up. Boy, as if John Cena wasn’t already the modern-day Hulk Hogan, now he’s landing on his butt all the time doing this bulldog (like Hogan landing the legdrop), and maybe Cena’s coccyx couldn’t handle it anymore. Let’s fast-forward past the “he’s gonna miss WrestleMania” talk and wonder if Cena will talk about FU’ing the 19,000-pound Big Show in front of one million people at Madison Square Garden before going in for seven back surgeries in a row. Come on, man, avoid these stingers and put more padding in your jorts!

(VIDEO UPDATE: Once again, Prowrestling.net pulls it out: Some fan with a nice camera they snuck past security took this footage of Cena’s post-match speech and hobbling out of the ring. Yeeouch)

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Shelton Benjamin has spoken out against whomever attended a recent memorial for the late former WWE superstar Umaga, as the person snapped pictures of other wrestling talent and then sold them to TMZ. (As much as it upsets Benjamin, I’m afraid I have to post the TMZ link, right here, as it’s simply my journalistic duty.) Benjamin, on his Twitter account, said:

Ekkie’s memorial was both personal and private and not for public display, so it really pisses me off to see a trust betrayed. But I will root out this piece of shit who did this.

And then, like his WWE career, he’ll get bored with rooting in a few days and go back to playing video games. -Eric

So how will Jeff Hardy celebrate the one year anniversary of his drug charges?

Awww, don't be sad. You'll be as bloated as Raven in no time!

By pleading guilty, naturally. From Meltzer:

Hardy set to plea bargain on drug charges      

A short Associated Press story this morning said that Jeff Hardy is going to plead guilty in court on 1/20 to drug charges, listing the Moore County District Attorney as the source.

There was little detail in the story, regarding exactly what would or would not have been worked out in regard to dropping of charges in exchange for a plea bargain, or the nature of the sentencing.

Hardy had one court hearing after another postponed for more than one year after a September 2009 raid of his home where police found 262 Vicodin pills, 180 prescribed Soma pills, 55 milliliters of anabolic steroids, cocaine residue and drug parahernalia.

It was not known which side was the source of the continual postponements nor whether this release is face-saving for the D.A., or for Hardy.  The answer will come if/when actual charges are dropped and the nature of the sentencing.

District Attorney Maureen Krueger said that Hardy’s lawyer, James Van Camp, informed the judge he wouild plead guilty at the hearing but would not comment on the nature of whether the plea bargain would include dropping of charges or avoiding jail time.

Hardy’s attorney has not commented on the story.

But it is not good news for TNA to have its reigning world champion pleading guilty on drug charges.

Who is dumber in this situation? Jeff Hardy for doing drugs? Or TNA for making a known drug addict their World Heavyweight Champion? 11 months and counting… – Dusty

Merry Stunt Granny Christmas!

What you’re looking at here is, from National Geographic, a mama elephant was getting a drink at a watering hole when she was attacked by an alligator. The alligator latched itself onto mama’s trunk and hung on as mama basically dragged it out of the water and down the path. This picture captures the baby elephant making the save for mama, dropping what appears to be a textbook elbow drop on the unsuspecting alligator.

I post this because elephants make me happy, elbow drops make me happy, and people should be happy on Christmas.

Stunt Granny Audio #124

That’s right, Dusty and Jeremy team up and bring you a show like no other. They discuss some college football and wait til you hear why Dusty believes some teams are good and others just aren’t. They talk about the circumstances revolving around Mr. Perfect and his choice of managers. They then get in to the holiday season and discuss just how things should be compared to what they are now. Oh yeah, they also talk about CM Punk and how he can be an example of why people who are in TNA should bolt immediately for WWE. Yeah this was recorded before Kaval/Low-Ki got released. So listen. It is our gift to you.

Stunt Granny Audio #124

So this is Christmas?

Happier times.

And what has WWE done:

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDown Superstar Kaval (Brandon Silvestry) as of today, December 23, 2010. We wish Kaval the best in all future endeavors.

Fuck the heck?

Stunt Granny Audio #123

wwe tribute to the troops

I don't think the troops like this sort of thing.

In a world full of pro wrestling podcasts, Eric and Kevin return with a 45-minute show discussing WWE Week on the USA Network, with a hint of TLC sprinkled through. CM Punk attacked John Cena with a chair two shows in a row; what was the difference between the two? Does it ultimately matter in today’s wrestling landscape? Also, what segment of wrestling bored the hell out of Eric? And who should be next in line to receive a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship on Smackdown? The options are literally endless. All this and so much more, in a world where you can just click the link below to listen.

Stunt Granny Audio #123

Stunt Granny Audio: MST3K for Royal Rumble 1992

royal rumble 1992


Break out your pirated Royal Rumble 1992 video and follow along, because Dusty and Eric are joined by Dan for a very special Stunt Granny Audio! The three synchronize their copies of the Royal Rumble match from 1992 and spend about 70 minutes watching the match, sharing stories, recalling angles and reliving history, all during one of the greatest hours of professional wrestling of all time. Who did they think would win back then? What old angles were dredged up throughout the match? Why did Dan write a letter to Ted Turner in 1991? All of this and sooo much more, if you just click and listen!

Stunt Granny Audio Special 2010

Stunt Granny Mascot

Stunt Granny is definitely going to Atlanta.

My good friend Sir Kenneth got me a Christmas present. It is “Stunt Granny” which is a “radio controlled Stunt Granny with turbo function; includes ramp and supermarket stunt props.” I’m just going to give you a taste of what this bad mama jama looks like. More shenanigans with the new official mascot of our site will be added to the Stunt Granny Forum, which is free so just click on the link grand kids. – Kevin

Our new mascot still in the box.

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