Royal Rumble 2011 Review Show

Darn tootin!

Holy shit they actually did it. Jeremy  and Kevin came through on their boast and now you can listen to the Stunt Granny Royal Rumble Review Audio. The guys talk about every single match on the card – yep, all four of them – in great detail. They discuss just why the hell Eve was added to the divas match as well as he unnecessarily confusing end. They discuss the possibilities of Kevin Nash and Booker T going forward after their surprise appearances. Jeremy, of course, goes off on John Cena as Kevin takes the opportunity to go paint a room in his house. But they make up for it by discussing the athleticism of Husky Harris. Okay, they talk about it but don’t dwell on it. You know you wanna listen so just download it already.

Royal Rumble 2011 Review

Royal Rumble fallout: Nash speaks, Kong hangs out, TNA scrambles

She was also spotted recently in a police station. Boy, people see her everywhere!

According to, Awesome Kong was backstage at WWE Royal Rumble. Good. She wasn’t on camera, though. We already know she signed, and then she was spotted backstage. That’s just what you do when you’re an employee. Moving on…

Also according to, Kevin Nash, probably known again as Diesel, was interviewed by about how long he plans to wrestle. He said he hoped last night wasn’t his last match, and then said:

I know Randy Orton, he’s got pull around here.

I feel like that was less a joke about who he’s really tight with in WWE and more a crack at jobbers like Mr. Anderson, who claim they were fired because Randy Orton wanted them gone and he has clout. Good stuff from Big Kev, as usual.

Finally, according to, a TNA source has said the planned Main Event Mafia angle will need to be revamped now that Kevin Nash (and maybe Booker T) are affiliated with WWE. Says a source:

Big time rewrite mode this week due to their dumb asses writing a plot around guys who are not under contract.

Like it was going to work anyway. They have Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan under contract and still can’t draw a 1.3 unless you round up. Ten Kevin Nashes could squash forty hundred Kurt Angles every quarter hour for infinity, and TNA would still suck. -Eric

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of the Royal Rumble

Are You Ready to Rumble?

I’m actually going live for a change since this starts the road to Wrestlemania for the WWE and Stunt Granny. I’m hoping my dogs are down for the count tonight. I’ve kept them busy today with activity so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can see this show out. OK, time to start the barley with my homemade chicken stock.

I’m not surprised that a Championship match started this show. They aren’t screwing around though since there’s no review of the Ziggler and Edge build up. Vickie taunts Edge about the stipulation of not being able to use the spear. Kent State stomped on Toledo earlier today. Let’s see if KSU goes 2-0 today. I have my doubts. Edge starts off taking it to Dolph. Ziggler takes over when they come back into the ring. Ziggler worked over the neck. Edge got temporary relief with a silly ass catapult. By the way, it’s really weak watching this in standard definition. I didn’t find an HD feed from my cable provider. Boo!

I’m going to try and update about every five minutes. I have no idea when this started but I’d say we’re around the 10 minute mark. It’s been solid but nothing special so far. The double cross body seems sillier than a double clothesline for some reason.

Ziggler & Edge both get three counts off of counters. Ziggler took a rough landing on Edge’s move. Dolph gets another two count after reversing the top rope cross body. The crowd starts chanting for Ziggler. Nice but short lived.  Edge locks in a sideways(?)  Sharpshooter. Ziggler breaks it on the ropes.  Edge misses another cross body. That’s his 3rd of the match. Ziggler only gets a two count from the Fame Asser.  I’m amused by the Push Zach Ryder sign.  Edge sets up for the spear, thinks better of it then Ziggler got the sleeper momentarily. Edge hit the Impaler DDT. Vickie pulls on referee.

Kelly Kelly attacks Vickie. Dolph connects with the Zig Zag but Edge kicks out. Nice but weird sequence. Double K better have a good reason on this coming Smackdown. Ziggler locks in the sleeper. This could be the most boring way to win a championship. The referee gets knocked down. Vickie is still out and Edge thinks and connects with the spear. Cole is freaking out. Now, he’s just starting to be a heel version of his bad face persona. Edge wins with the Unprettier. Cole has no idea how the Oscars are picked. Cole, he would have had to done his acting last year dummy.

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Another Possible Surprise Royal Rumble Entrant!

Spoiler spoiler, if you read any further you will die immediately.

It looks like WWE has made a big international signing, and it is entirely possible that this person could be another surprise entrant into tonight’s Royal Rumble. Posting it for timeliness, holmes. Thank you PWI:

By Mike Johnson & Phil Lions on 2J011-01-30 14:51:12 The Mexican press, specifically Super Luchas magazine are reporting that Lucha star Mistico has signed with WWE. Mistico had a tryout with the company last year and impressed. He’s been one of the top stars for CMLL in recent years.

Seems like his name pops up every few months, but maybe this time it will stick. It certainly would be a significant signing for WWE if it is true. – Dusty

Surprise Entrants For The Royal Rumble!

Don’t read this if you don’t want to be surprised!!!

I’m serious, this is your last chance.

I warned you, dumbo.

According to PWI:

Booker T and Kevin Nash are both booked for the Royal Rumble as surprises, has confirmed.
As I noted yesterday, I suspected Booker was scheduled based on recent discussions with the company and based on Booker being pulled from his scheduled appearance at the New Orleans Comic Con. Company sources confirmed this morning he is in the Rumble.

WWE sources have also confirmed that Kevin Nash is booked for the Rumble and is scheduled to fly into Boston later today. Nash, who was in discussions with TNA as late as yesterday to finally finalize his deal to return to the company, will instead make his first appearance in a WWE ring in years.

TNA sources confirmed they ended their discussions with Nash within the last several days. The two sides had been going back and forth on signing a new deal in recent months and at one point, sources indicated that a new deal was done. That led to Nash accusing TNA’s office of leaking the information, which led to new rounds of negotiations. Nash admitted in a recent interview he was negotiating with TNA. Those discussions ended sometime within the last 24-48 hours. Nash has been pulled off the TNA website’s roster.

LOL TNA, basically. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio: Favorite WrestleMania, Part One


Inspired by a post on the VIP Forum asking what everyone’s favorite WrestleMania is, Dusty and Eric discuss the merits of WrestleManias 1 through 13. The overarching question: If Joe Blow had to recommend that Jim Blim watch any particular WrestleMania because it’s his favorite, why would that be the one Mr. Blow recommends? Is it Roddy Piper’s excellent promos? Lord Alfred Hayes’ awful introductions? The atmosphere? The multiple excellent matches? The multiple stinktown matches, bolstered by a couple of incredible main events? See what the boys think of the first baker’s dozen WrestleManias, then stay tuned for the rest!

Stunt Granny Audio E&D’s Favorite WrestleMania’s pt1

The Rattlesnake Strikes Back!

I can't believe they never used this image on one of his shirts.

According to Entertainment Weekly (by way of Dot Net), “The Rattlesnake” Steve Austin will be the host of the new incarnation of Tough Enough. Both articles seem to think that Austin will be taking over Al Snow’s duties as head trainer. I have my doubts about that since the man won’t step back into the ring for a pay day so why would he do it for a reality show that will likely get canceled as soon as the rating drops 0.1? I get the feeling he’ll do enough so that no one feels robbed and the WWE gets to attach a marquee name to a “new” program like they did with all of the cross over appearances when ECW started. Austin could be a great host with his obvious mic skills and the WWE can pimp his news movies. It’s a win win. Did I just get through an article without bagging on someone? Yes I did. – Kevin

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