Paul Orndorff announces he has cancer

"Hey man, it's alright, I could be hanging out with Gary Spivey!"

According to, longtime WWE superstar and WCW wrestler/agent “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff announced on the Busted Open radio show that he has cancer. That’s the end of the details, so I’ll wish Orndorff, on behalf of Stunt Granny, a speedy and comfortable recovery.

And now I’ll regale you with memories: I have this ridiculously vivid image of Orndorff standing in a WWF ring in the mid-1980s, flipping out because the fans were chanting “Paula! Paula!” and simultaneously hating him for no good reason but also feeling sorry for him because he was a man with a name very similar to that of a woman. Also, Orndorff attended a hall of fame induction at the wrestling museum in, at the time, Newton, Iowa, in, I believe, 2006, and not only did he walk past me once outside to get to Culver’s, he walked past me again inside asking, “Where’s the refreshments?” He wasn’t being honored or anything, I honestly think he came for the mixed nuts.

Now here’s a memory I’m sure no one wanted dredged up, from WCW’s infinite wisdom in 1995 (hey, it could be worse; it could be the Zodiac):

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