WrestleMania 27 In 3D?

If you read anything on this site it is usually tinged with heavy sarcasm but this is not one of those posts. According to Prowrestling.net, WWE is entertaining the possibility of putting WrestleMania 27 in move theatres in 3D. This is possibly the best idea WWE has had since the original idea of WrestleMania. The large screen format totally suits WWE’s product and the enhancement of 3D viewing is ridiculously wonderful. 3D will give the PPV the proper scope that the live audience gets. After sitting at the top of the Citrus Bowl and the far flung end of the floor in Ford Field the idea that you may actually get this perspective in the comfort of leather bound seats or if you are poor, the stanky old turquoise mesh seats with crusty cup holders, is enticing. If we aren’t already going to the event live this is where I would be with bells on.

It also allows a movie going audience the opportunity to feel as if they are part of it. This is a sensation you just don’t get from a 21” shitty model television connected to a vcr. This could be an immersive experience that could enhance WWE’s business. If this is successful you have to believe they may open up to the idea of having Summerslam or another of the bigger PPV’s on the big screen. WWE needs to make this happen. Fathom broadcasts the opera and other boring shit like that so why not wrestling? -Jeremy

Retard Trying To Sue WWE.

Pictured: Alleged white trash who is suing WWE

This is a great example of how, when people claim the United States is the greatest country in the world, they deserve a giant kick in the face. Not a punch, a kick. A Sean-Landetta-in-Tecmo-Bowl 72-yard punt.

Some clear white trash piece of shit named Ronald Basham III is suing WWE, Dwayne Johnson and Triple H because he somehow hurt his knee during WWE’s Judgment Day pay-per-view. Now you may be saying to yourself, “Wait, The Rock hasn’t wrestled in years and Judgment Day hasn’t been around since 2007”. Well, you would be correct in both of those thoughts. You see, this particular event happened in…..wait for it……….2000. Yes, the year 2000.

According to this article from The Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky (sigh, this is going to be way too easy), this dumb mother fucker got hurt when he was seven years old… sorry that isn’t fair, allegedly hurt, when he was too dumb to high-tail it out of the way during the WWE’s heyday of brawling in the crowd. Again, you may find yourself saying, “Wait, he was seven and now he is eighteen? Why didn’t he sue them way back then? Well, yeah you would think, but Indiana is pretty fucking backwards so time actually retards there.

So there you have it. Yet again America shows its retardation by allowing, even sniffing the idea that a lawsuit can be brought against anything after a gestation of 11 years or so. This stupid mother fucker may want to take down his “I go race vroom vroom” pictures from his Facebook account soon, though. You never know if they could be used against him and build a case that his yokel dirt-track ass may have hurt himself during one of these Friday night delights. Oh, and if you are wondering, feel free to contact him at his official Facebook page. It isn’t set to private yet.  Oh, and if this story isn’t anynmore telling, he either likes or associates with Ohio State fans.  The retard level is off the charts for this story.

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