Short Story News Round Up

CM Punk is not cool.
Eric pointed this one out to me and it just proves no matter how much you think someone may be cool they have that thing about them that just deflates that opinion. Eric also pointed out that this clearly means CM Punk is banging Hayley Williams, which led to me stating the obvious “Who hasn’t?”

Stevie Richards is out of TNA.
Did anyone really care Stevie Richards was in TNA to begin with?

Scott Steiner is back in TNA
Good luck even seeing this link as PWInsider sucks a dick when it comes to pop up ads. So no real need to click it just take our word for it.

Jesse Neal has resigned with TNA

Thanks Bitch

John Cena was fined for saying the word ass.

John Cena is also a liar so whatever.

This cunt is still in the news.

Seriously, fuck this guy. He’ll win though so all of the hate is for nothing and from what I have been told, unhealthy.

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