Shelly Martinez has an amazing rack

In the interest of full disclosure there is nothing better on this planet than a huge rack. The ass is fine and legs are good too but nothing compares to big juicy titties. As a means of proving my point I give you exhibit A. This is a pic Shelly Martinez from her Twitter. She has been out of the national promotions for about a year but her rack is amazing. How amazing you may ask? Well, it is so ridiculously beautiful that it made me ignore the fact that she is a Hardy fan. What? You didn’t notice the print on the t-shirt? Well look a little lower and there it is. She is wearing a fucking Hardy Boyz shirt. Yes that is sickening but if there was ever a way to make up for this grievous injustice it has to be her ample bosoms. That is all. -Jeremy

Eric’s blog: WWE, wanna create a new star? Have Mason Ryan shelf John Cena


Wow, dude, that's embarrassing. Have you tried to look like Batista at every single stage of your career? Stick with me, kid, I have a plan.

(I’ve been meaning to write a full-blown blog post comparing John Cena’s tenure in WWE to Hulk Hogan’s run from 1984 to 1992, including creating a parallel between Hogan being sat on by Earthquake in 1990 and taking time off to film “Suburban Commando” to Cena possibly needing to vanish from TV for a little while to refresh himself. Now I have a reason to write it, but with a twist.)

(Addendum: When Triple H comes back, he may be tempted to bigfoot this guy, as Jeremy pointed out to me. However, I contest that he is smart enough to wait until WrestleMania 28 to steal Ryan into his own spotlight. Also, there is the remote possibility that WWE called a WrestleMania audible and brought Ryan up from developmental waaay before he was ready. I guess, as the weeks go on, we’ll soon find out!)

WWE debuted Mason Ryan to a worldwide television audience this past Monday night on Raw by having the monster from Florida Championship Wrestling jump the guardrail from the crowd, hop on the apron, kick a security guard, stare down John Cena, and accept CM Punk’s invitation to give him a big boot and then join Nexus.

Congratulations, WWE, you’re on your way to creating a new star.

But let’s look a few months down the road, and let’s do so with a piece of news in mind: Word around the campfire is that Cena is nursing some nagging injuries, including a bad hip and a neck that has (allegedly) been surgically repaired at some point in the past three years. Not good for your No. 1 superstar.

At the same time, WWE is struggling to create a WrestleMania line-up that will set the world on fire, looking toward MMA stars like Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice to stir up some real buzz outside the pro wrestling bubble. Because, as Donald Trump’s and Floyd Mayweather’s (and Liberace’s and Susan Saint James’ and Mary Hart’s) appearances have shown over the years, nothing sells WrestleMania like stuff that has nothing to do with wrestling.

Well, maybe they should focus on their roster and not what’s happening on the latest reality show or mixed martial arts tournament.

And while we all know how great the Miz and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are, WWE is never going to see them as the solution, and neither will most mainstream fans.

They will, though, accept a big, bearded Batista wanna-be as a real star. So it’s time to kill two (or more) birds with one stone: Treat Mason Ryan like a main-eventer, and give your injured top money-maker a chance to rest. And here’s how.

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