Pics From Twit

Evidently Taryn Terrell (AKA Tiffany) has been reading Stunt Granny because she decided to send “Kisses” and the picture above to Twitter. She knew we’d post this since she’s dressed up like every one of my wet dreams, if I were still ready for some hair metal.

Jack Swagger posted that he was going out to get an All American tan. It was nice of him to bring along an All American, American woman because this picture would suck without her. Oh and a quick word of advice Jack. Shut your god damn mouth. Why do people continue to stick their tongue out like a monoslab? – Jeremy & Kevin

Plea Bargain Thursday? I’m afraid not, Miss Fishborne

So today was supposed to be Jeff Hardy’s plea bargain sentencing. However, it ain’t be goin’ down like that, as my homeboy brethern might say. According to the Observer site:

After both sides had agreed to a plea bargain case in the drug trafficking case involving Jeff Hardy, which was to be heard today, one side or both must have changed their mind because in court today a continuance was asked for because the sides had not agreed to terms.

The case will next go before the court on 2/16. 

Oh, that’s just great. He can be sent up the river on my birthday! Quite the present for ol’ Dusty! As a side note, Jeff Hardy’s a nut! He’s crazy in the coconut! – Dusty

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