So there’s going to be a new Smackdown announce team


Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Booker T.
As noted over the weekend, Booker was brought in to do announcing as well as some wrestling. A few people compared it to Jerry Lawler’s role on the Raw brand. When he was announced, he did the Spinaroonie in the ring before joining the rest of the team.

This is fantastic news for a number of reasons. That number being at least two. One, Booker T is awesome. Two, Matt Striker is horrible. As I have chronicled several times throughout the last year, Matt Striker is one of the worst announcers in wrestling history. He was show hurting bad, and it is long past time that he lost his job. Here’s hoping he takes his nothing happening, loser act to TNA with the rest of the garbage. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio #127


What? Oh wrong guy?


Yep that makes it two days in a row. Eric and Jeremy come at ya with a new edition of Stunt Granny Audio. They guys stick mainly to WWE Raw with the occasional slide off on TNA. Of course they find time to speculate about the meaning behind 2/21/11. Does it mean Sting is coming? Well according to some newspaper it appears that way. So does this mean TNA is totally irrelevant? Who thinks so? They also pontificate the demise of Husky Harris and what a mistake WWE is probably making. The conversation turns to Jerry Lawler and his sudden and inexplicable push. There is more of course but that is what they in the biz  call enticing.

Stunt Granny Audio #127


Sting Rumors Abound

So the internet is abuzz with rumors of Sting’s possible impending debut in WWE. After all these years, we might finally be seeing the Stinger under Vince McMahon’s watch. Courtesy of WrestleZone, which is where I go for all my news, there is this:

This might all be an internet work and/or wishful thinking, but who cares? At the very least it will add a few hits to our website, so it’s a win-win type situation right now! – Dusty

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