TNA President Dixie Carter to no-sell questions on Facebook

Get it, girl!

According to her Facebook account, TNA President Dixie Carter will answer questions posted on the popular social media platform. In case you’re stupider than a monkey and didn’t realize I linked the words “her Facebook account” to her Facebook account, the link to her Facebook account is Here are questions already posted by Stunt Granny’s own Jeremy Maes and Eric Nelson:

Jeremy Maes How do you justify to the locker room your bad habit of signing former WWE talent? Ratings have not reflected an increase due to this. Nor PPV buys nor revenue. How do you explain that paying them more than the talent pulling in the exact same rating is good for them and for the business of TNA in general?

Eric Nelson TNA’s reported (alleged?) pay-per-view numbers, usually one-fifth to one-tenth of WWE’s numbers, make TNA the butt of many jokes in the industry. Rather than seeing those tiny numbers leaked, thus creating an air of wrestling ineptitude, how do you feel about a business model that replaces those dud PPVs with three-hour live specials on Spike TV, the ratings for which would probably eclipse WWE Superstars and at least give TNA something to brag about?

Wish us luck! If you post your own, copy and paste it into a comment on this post, please. -Eric

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