MVP, Alfred Hitchcock appear on TMZ

L to R: Onlooker, looky-loo, MVP, fat bald Jewish woman

MVP’s WWE release and his subsequent signing with New Japan Pro Wrestling was covered by TMZ on its Feb. 2 edition. How do I know this? I was at the gym last night and saw the syndicated TV show on the treadmill screen of the girl next to me. I was watching NBC Nightly News when I glanced over, I swear. Trust me, when I have my druthers, I get my celebrity gossip from What Would Tyler Durden Do, which is basically the exact inspiration for Stunt Granny. Anyway, you can see at about the 13:30 mark MVP and Paul Heyman walking out of The Shops of Something Something Circle (all you hoity-toity socialites can fill me in on what it is), but MVP was glossed over and Heyman was ignored completely for the sake of mentioning that their TMZ camera guy Jared is an independent wrestler. Now… that’s how you… hustle? That cameraman is… ballin’? Eh, whatever, I got nothin’; it’s wrestling mentioned in the mainstream again, kinda hard to argue with that. -Eric

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