Stunt Granny Audio #128

The Three O’Clock once sang about Suzy being on the ball now, but the same holds true for the Stunt Granny cru because they are rocking the audios lately! Dusty Giebink takes time off from his busy schedule of watching Texas Tornado and Big Boss Man squash matches, and Kevin DiFrango takes time off from *his* busy schedule of dog walking and CSI watching to join forces on talking about a veritable plethora of topics. Topics that are of interest to you, and of which you need to hear Dusty and Kevin’s opinions of before you die. Topics including Steve Austin and Tough Enough, Undertaker and Sting, Kevin Nash and Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and a host of other things that Dusty can’t think of right now because it’s really late at night when he’s writing this, and get off his back! Get off his back, and listen!

Stunt Granny Audio #128

Stunt Granny Big 11- Week Ending 2/5/11

1. Sting- Well, he’s not “They,” and we’re not sure if he’s the guy from WWE’s 2/21/11 vignette, but we’re sure talking about him. -Eric

2. Chyna– She’s taking night classes at UCLA to learn how to teach English to Japanese children. I guess for her the first step is to re-learn English. -Eric

3. Kevin Nash- The big guy decides that wrestling in front of 1,000 people just doesn;t do it for him any longer. So, instead of signing with TNA to restart the Main Event Mafia, he shows up at The Royal Rumble. In doing so he became one of the biggest stories to come out of the PPV. Nothing else has been done with him so maybe it was a one-off performance but if you have the man dye his hair you gotta use him more than once. -Jeremy

4. Booker T- You could say he copied Kevin Nash and for the sake of space I won’t rehash it but now he finds himself on Smackdown as an announcer. Maybe this is what he wanted but there has to be a better use for Booker T on Smackdown. I mean have you seen the roster? -Jeremy

5. They- Bwahahahaha. TNA is hilariously poorly managed. How else can you explain booking a major angle around performers not under contract? What a great business plan. Maybe Russo and Dixie could book an entire PPV around Mr Perfect and Rick Rude? The reveal of They was just sad and makes absolutely no sense. Then again this is TNA so what the hell should we expect? AJ Styles is a face again? Beer Money? Does this mean they are all friends with Matt Morgan again? Will any of it be explained in a rational manner? Doubt it; cause I read the spoilers for next week. -Jeremy

6. Osirian Portal vs. The Runaways. These guys are… running away with the viral video of the week. They’ve… hypnotized us into falling in love with them. Whatever, I’d kill for 800,000 views on one of my band’s videos. But then again, my band’s videos need to be entertaining. -Eric

7. Alberto Del Rio – He won the Royal Rumble so he deserves a spot in our top 11. His announcement on Monday that he’d take on Edge was anti-climactic at best but it should turn out to be a good match. His celebration on Smackdown blew too. At least he’ll get a big win over Kofi at the Elimination Chamber PPV for a little more momentum to Wrestlemania. – Kevin

8. Smackdown Announce Team – After watching the show, I’m even more pumped about the composition of this announce crew. Michael Cole may just be back to being a crappy now heel announcer but he will be opposed by Booker T who got the crowd pumped. Josh Matthews is the best play by play man in sports entertainment right now so they should rock when they gel a little more. – Kevin

9. UFC 126 & Super Bowl XLV– I’m doing this Friday night. I’m pumped for the weekend. Jon “Bones” Jones versus Ryan Bader is the match I am looking forward to the most. As a life long Steelers fan, Here we go Steelers, here we go! – Kevin

10. Batista – Word going round the lemon tree is that Batista will be filming his undoubtedly shitty movie, The Man With The Iron Fist, until sometime in March. That means he will probably not be The Man With The Iron WrestleMania match, so if you hear any speculation to the contrary you can tell that person that they don’t have the facts, Jack! – Dusty

11. Ricky Ortiz – Giving me a second opportunity in as many blurbs to use the word, I always thought Ortiz was a shitty wrestler. However, he is currently serving as Scott Hall’s Kato Kaelin (oh yes, I’m nowhere near above making a 500 year old reference like that), and is hoping to sponge up some of that superior wrestling knowledge that Hall hasn’t had the chance to drink away just yet. Meltzer is reporting that Hall will be heading towards another stint in rehab this coming week. Lost in all of this hubbub is what exactly Ortiz is going to do about living arrangements. Is he going to remain in Hall’s house? Is Hall paying the rent for him? Does Ortiz now have to pick up the tab on that? Once again, Meltzer fails to get the real scoop. – Dusty

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