New Last Call with Scott Hall pays tribute to Curt Hennig, mustaches

As posted on, the latest episode of Last Call with Scott Hall has been posted, and it’s totally worth watching if you can spare the 15 minutes. In fact, don’t even spare them, tell your boss to blow you because this is way more important. Hall, along with Larry Zbyszko and some young kid pay tribute to Curt Hennig, watch an AWA tag team match with Hall & Hennig taking on Steve Regal & Jimmy Garvin, and make fun of how young and green Hall was at the time. It’s priceless, it’s full of interesting pro wrestling insight (“put over the company,” “don’t come all the way into the ring if you’re a big babyface”), and I wish more wrestlers would do this without giving *everything* away. (P.S. No way would Scott Hall ever read this, but for as much shit as we give him here, he seems like a great guy on the inside, and I second him in his appreciation for Curt Hennig and his family. I also love going to the wrestling museum in Waterloo, Iowa, to check out the tag team title belts Hall & Hennig wore in 1986; a great piece of history, indeed.) -Eric

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