Stunt Granny Audio #130

Come dancing - it's only natural...

Come dancing with Dusty and Kevin on Stunt Granny Audio #130! Find out why the guys are ripping on Eric Nelson and just how many trips to the hardware store it’s going to take for Eric to get his balls back. In addition to that, the gang talks about what’s been going on on Smackdown lately that’s got Dusty so chipper lately. They also give a rundown on the happenings on Raw, including Sheamus getting unjustly positioned down the totem pole a bit, CM Punk being in a holding pattern, John Cena channeling Kevin Nash, and oh yeah, some talk on that Rock guy as well. There’s so much zany fun to go around, you have to listen to every last second or else you will suffer an early death! So do so now!

Stunt Granny Audio #130

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