Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of The Elimination Chamber

The child finally knows how to use the Elimination Chamber.

Tony Chimel gives Ricardo Rodriguez the opportunity to kick off the Elimination Chamber. Michael Cole, Josh Matthews & Booker T are the announce crew. Del Rio cuts a promo. I was wondering if the Chambers would bookend the pay per view but that obviously is not the case. Kofi interrupts an average promo. Booker is really telling Kofi to go for it. I like it. The crowd is chanting for Del Rio more than I expected. Del Rio cuts Kofi’s comeback short with a Code Breaker-like move as Kofi went for his patented top rope crossbody. It looked cool. Kofi kicks out after a stomach breaker. Booker is really harping on Kofi, which makes me wonder if he’ll win. Near fall with the S.O.S. for Kofi.  Kofi blocked the cross armbreaker for a bit but then submits. Good opener.

Grisham interviews Edge. Edge goes sarcastic then gets serious. He notes that no champion has left with the title in the past five years. McIntyre comes in with the slow clap. He mentions Kelly Kelly being taken away from him and says that he’s going to take away his most prized possesion. Edge tells him KK & the title will never be seen with McIntyre.

They did a vignette to hype the Chamber then Cole adds the dimensions & weights of it. McIntyre is yelling at Kane in his pod. I like it. Barrett is talking trash to both men. Text from Jeremy: “The Corre’s music just gave me HIV. Holy shit is that gay.” I agree. They somehow made it worse than Nexus’ music. Big Show is the replacement as we predicted. Edge & Rey get to start the match.

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PWO Profiles – Matt Cross

An Iron Cross is pretty impressive.

Because Pressure Rising got moved from January 15th to February 20th, Pro Wrestling Ohio decided to air “PWO Profiles” in the mean time to highlight some of the bigger names in the league. I was lazy in reviewing these because there wasn’t much new material being covered. I’m not going to review the matches since I’ve done that already. I am going to go through the shows to see how the performers did in a non-traditional wrestling setting.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross joined Joe Dombrowski for the first installment. Dombrowski talked about the four way main event at Pressure Rising for the PWO Heavyweight Title between Johnny Gargano (Champ) vs. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine vs. Jason Bane vs. Cross. Dombrowski & Cross explained his background in competitve gymnastics (An alternate for the U.S. Men’s team) and his unique offense. They then aired what appeared to be an older tape of Cross talking about himself. He said he liked to do Parkour in his free time then when running through a park pulling off hand stands, cart wheels and climbing a light pole. Cross seemed like he was geeked just to be on camera in this segment.  They went to shots of him pulling off moves on gymnastics equipment. Cross said “That was awesome” when they came back from the video. Dombrowski explained the sneak attack that Ashley Lane (Now Madison Rayne), Johnny Gargano and Josh Prohibition committed on Cross. Dombrowski asked how it felt to be on the shelf. Cross said that he was taken out because he was the best. Cross finished by saying it was frustrating. Cross told Dombrowski that Gargano’s face turn is all an act.

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