Stunt Granny Audio: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Review

Alright gang, we did a review show yet again. Kevin and Jeremy are back and talk all sorts of things about The Elimination Chamber.  Who was the breakout star of the show? Who surprised the most and what possibly was a letdown? They also get into how nice it is to have actual surprises on a PPV since, you know, you actually pay for these PPVs. They also discuss the virtue of breakfast cereals over Pop-Tarts and just about any other breakfast foods. It is quite a listen. Have no fear though; most of the show, about 96% actually, covers The Elimination Chamber.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 review

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Chris Jericho may do “Dancing With the Stars”


According to, Chris Jericho may be a cast member on the next season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Here’s the USA Today report. In other news, kiss my ass, Jeremy. -Eric

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