Sting wins TNA Title, Demott to train on WWE Tough Enough, Flair is old

The big green "V" is for, uh, "Vere the hell have you been?"

According to, Sting won the TNA World (heh) Title at last night’s TV tapings in Fayetteville, N.C. Man, when the record books are written and the almanacs show that the icon Sting (at age 51) came back to TNA with unparalleled fanfare (from their 1.2-rating audience) and beat the fallen hero Jeff Hardy (druggie) in the mecca of sports entertainment (for hillbillies), professional wrestling will have finally come full circle. And I’ll puke.

Also according to, Bill Demott (aka Hugh Morrus) has been appointed as a trainer for WWE “Tough Enough.” I bet the way he trains will be no laughing matt….zzzzzzzzzzz…….

Finally, according to, today is Ric Flair’s birthday!  Now, don’t get him any gifts that can’t be split in fourths, or else three parts of it will go directly to his ex-wives. WOOOOOO! -Eric

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