Oh shit, Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend

Information hacked directly from the Figure Four Weakly board:

FCW Name: Sonia
Real Name: Su Yung (I swear I am not making this up, that really is her real name)
Date of birth: June 30th, 1989
Hometown: Seattle, WA.
Likes: Taco Bell, Value City, cartoons

Outright mentioned as his girlfriend in Lawler’s exclusive interview on his career in this months’ Fighting Spirit Magazine. Lawler also mentioned that he’s recently signed a new 3 year contract with WWE.

So basically what we learned here is that the person who will be Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend 20 years from now has just celebrated her first birthday. – Dusty
Edit: There’s moar!
Coming from a mixed ethnic background, I am a very open minded person…..I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. It’s yucky!…..My favorite colors are red and green!…..I love any kind of music people throw at me!…..I am forgetful, so please don’t ask me to remember much! Hehe!…..I am pretty diverse and I like to talk about pretty much anything. Just some info if you ever get to chat it up with me!…..I strongly dislike body hair and the Easter Bunny!…..I am an animal lover. I have a pit bull and a kitten that looks like a girl version of Nermal, both of which I love very much!….I like to wear things not a lot of people would or could pull off and make it cool…..I love Red Bulls, Jones Soda and Starbucks!

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  1. It was only a few years ago I figured out Nermal was a boy. My whole childhood I thought that Nermal was a girl.

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