Kevin’s Blog: Mostly Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

Pop art that inspired Frank Miller, probably.

I am way ahead of schedule on my TV watching. Chuck is already knocked off and the only thing remaining from the weekend is a PWO profiles of the Homeless (Hobo Joe) Handicapped (Gregory Iron) Connection and An Idiot Abroad. If you haven’t watched it, try and find it. The last two episodes in Mexico and Egypt are gold mines of hilarious. It’s on the Science Channel in my neck of the woods although I think the BBC broadcasts it too. Anyway, starting my blog at 9:20 so I’m bound to catch up at some point.

A Stunt Granny note: I was working on a preliminary design for a t-shirt for the trip to Wrestlemania. If we got extra made, would you buy one? Put an answer in the comments section.

HHH comes to the ring to start the show. Ahh, just like old times. I didn’t get to make fun of his marriage weight. A little soft around the middle, almost thought it was Matt Hardy. I do dig the shirt. Has a very Sin City/ Frank Miller look. Hey, Art of Wrestling for the first time in more than a year! The promo is closely worded to not degrade the Titles. I won’t be surprised if people bitch about it though. HHH kicks Wee Baby Sheamus right in the junk. Sheamus is getting his ass handed to him by everyone and this is just the topping on the cake. Matthews already lost his head set. Sheamus gets Pedigreed through the announce table. That might be a record for least time in a broadcast an announce booth lasted.

Everything gets pimped for later in the show.

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Bret Hart on Twitter, put the letter “S” in front of the wrong word

He looks like he's gonna squeeze one out here.

And while I’m posting about Canadian pro wrestlers, according to, Bret “Hitman” Hart has launched a Twitter page, It already has 6,40o followers, and it’s only been up for about three hours. That says to me that there are 6,400 people out there who need daytime jobs and could probably stand to retire their Hitman T-shirt from 1994 before the whited-out pit stains become so hard they can’t even move. Oh wait, I think the white comes from deodorant, never mind.

And, OK, I know the mind reads what it wants to, and I know Bret’s middle name is Sergeant (that Stu was a weird bastard), but does he even realize that his Twitter handle is Hitman Bret Shart? I mean… Shart. Again, back to those 6,400 unwashed losers, I’m sure someone in that group has already planted a flag at “HitmanBretHart,” “BretHitmanHart” and “14thOf13Children,” thinking they’re paying some sort of homage. But Shart? Was “BretHitmanClark” taken? What about “TheBretHart” with an underscore after it? Something, geez. -Eric

Chris Jericho cast for ABC “Dancing With the Stars”


These boots were made for dancing! Right? Right? Hello?

If you haven’t had enough Chris Jericho news lately (I’m looking squarely at you, Dusty, while you stand in line at the DMV), according to, Chris Jericho will be a cast member of the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” This brings together two of my favorite things: Smart wrestlers who know to step out of the ring when they should and can still earn money doing other things, and Jeremy making fun of me whenever he’s on audios. -Eric

UPDATE: Jeremy played nice for a minute and alerted me to this: According to (the link to that article is the longest fucking URL ever), Kirstie Alley will also be on this season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Well, it looks like Jericho just got overshadowed! Rumor is Alley’s publicist told her the show was “Dancing With the Stars, Moons, Clovers, Diamonds and Purple Horseshoes”! I hope Tom Bergeron narrates her dances like “America’s Funniest Videos” when the fat grandma at the wedding falls down! They’re gonna have to re-name the show “Dancing on Stars”! As in, real celestial bodies, stars! Because she’s so big!

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