ROH iPPV line-up awesome, I might care about them again


According to, Ring of Honor has announced the full line-up for its next iPPV, probably titled something related to being the best or liking death metal music, to air Saturday, Feb. 26. Wait, that month sounds familiar… oh, sorry, it’s ROH’S 9th Anniversary Show. Good for them! When I was 9 years old, I could barely keep my mullet under control, let alone book a card that might make former fans care about the product again. Here it is:

ROH World Title Match- No Holds Barred Barrio Street Fight
Roderick Strong with Truth Martini defends vs. Homicide

World Tag Team Title Match
The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) with Shane Hagadorn defend vs. The All Night Express

World TV Title Match- 2/3 Falls with a 30 Minute Time Limit
Christopher Daniels defends vs. Eddie Edwards

First Time Ever- Dream Tag Team Match
Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Special Attraction
Colt Cabana vs. Davey Richards

Special Challenge Match
Michael Elgin with Truth Martini vs. El Generico

Women of Honor
Sara Del Rey vs. MsChif

Four Corner Survival
Steve Corino vs. Kyle O’ Reilly vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett with Brutal Bob

Yep, ol’ Brutal Bob will be there. ROH’s tag team scene is being touted as the best in the business right now, and while that’s like being (all together now) the prettiest Denny’s waitress, these are some awesome tag matches. Strong vs. Homicide in a street fight for the title is the best main event they could deliver right now; Edwards following along with Daniels’ wall chart of wrestling moves for 30 minutes will be good; Colt vs. Davey could lead to something incredible; and if they could just replace Steve Corino with nothing whatsoever, I’d be 100 percent on board. Uh oh, did I just make his list? -Eric

Pics from Twit

There isn’t much news today. I’m sure some combination of us will comment on Raw during an audio so I’m not going to both doing a write up of it since I missed most of the first hour due to the Penguins losing to the Capitals on Versus. So as some filler, here are some pictures from WWE Superstars backstage at Elimination Chamber. – Kevin


Maryse went on a picture rampage for her newest photo shoot.

This is photo 2 of 4. I'm not posting all of them.

Blonde power

Stunt Granny Audio: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Review

Alright gang, we did a review show yet again. Kevin and Jeremy are back and talk all sorts of things about The Elimination Chamber.  Who was the breakout star of the show? Who surprised the most and what possibly was a letdown? They also get into how nice it is to have actual surprises on a PPV since, you know, you actually pay for these PPVs. They also discuss the virtue of breakfast cereals over Pop-Tarts and just about any other breakfast foods. It is quite a listen. Have no fear though; most of the show, about 96% actually, covers The Elimination Chamber.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 review

SG Poll: Who will be revealed as the man behind WWE’s 2-21-11 vignettes?

Chris Jericho may do “Dancing With the Stars”


According to, Chris Jericho may be a cast member on the next season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Here’s the USA Today report. In other news, kiss my ass, Jeremy. -Eric

Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of The Elimination Chamber

The child finally knows how to use the Elimination Chamber.

Tony Chimel gives Ricardo Rodriguez the opportunity to kick off the Elimination Chamber. Michael Cole, Josh Matthews & Booker T are the announce crew. Del Rio cuts a promo. I was wondering if the Chambers would bookend the pay per view but that obviously is not the case. Kofi interrupts an average promo. Booker is really telling Kofi to go for it. I like it. The crowd is chanting for Del Rio more than I expected. Del Rio cuts Kofi’s comeback short with a Code Breaker-like move as Kofi went for his patented top rope crossbody. It looked cool. Kofi kicks out after a stomach breaker. Booker is really harping on Kofi, which makes me wonder if he’ll win. Near fall with the S.O.S. for Kofi.  Kofi blocked the cross armbreaker for a bit but then submits. Good opener.

Grisham interviews Edge. Edge goes sarcastic then gets serious. He notes that no champion has left with the title in the past five years. McIntyre comes in with the slow clap. He mentions Kelly Kelly being taken away from him and says that he’s going to take away his most prized possesion. Edge tells him KK & the title will never be seen with McIntyre.

They did a vignette to hype the Chamber then Cole adds the dimensions & weights of it. McIntyre is yelling at Kane in his pod. I like it. Barrett is talking trash to both men. Text from Jeremy: “The Corre’s music just gave me HIV. Holy shit is that gay.” I agree. They somehow made it worse than Nexus’ music. Big Show is the replacement as we predicted. Edge & Rey get to start the match.

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PWO Profiles – Matt Cross

An Iron Cross is pretty impressive.

Because Pressure Rising got moved from January 15th to February 20th, Pro Wrestling Ohio decided to air “PWO Profiles” in the mean time to highlight some of the bigger names in the league. I was lazy in reviewing these because there wasn’t much new material being covered. I’m not going to review the matches since I’ve done that already. I am going to go through the shows to see how the performers did in a non-traditional wrestling setting.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross joined Joe Dombrowski for the first installment. Dombrowski talked about the four way main event at Pressure Rising for the PWO Heavyweight Title between Johnny Gargano (Champ) vs. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine vs. Jason Bane vs. Cross. Dombrowski & Cross explained his background in competitve gymnastics (An alternate for the U.S. Men’s team) and his unique offense. They then aired what appeared to be an older tape of Cross talking about himself. He said he liked to do Parkour in his free time then when running through a park pulling off hand stands, cart wheels and climbing a light pole. Cross seemed like he was geeked just to be on camera in this segment.  They went to shots of him pulling off moves on gymnastics equipment. Cross said “That was awesome” when they came back from the video. Dombrowski explained the sneak attack that Ashley Lane (Now Madison Rayne), Johnny Gargano and Josh Prohibition committed on Cross. Dombrowski asked how it felt to be on the shelf. Cross said that he was taken out because he was the best. Cross finished by saying it was frustrating. Cross told Dombrowski that Gargano’s face turn is all an act.

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Elimination Chamber Audio Preview part 2

Indeed! Kevin and Jeremy bring you part two of The Elimination Chamber preview audio. Since there are only four matches on this card we get around to Jerry Lawler and The Miz. How does WWE possibly book this in a satisfying fashion? Would they possibly book a Jerry Lawler title run? Does this lead to a match with Michael Cole at WrestleMania? They then turn the focus to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. Why the hell is this match taking place? Is there any other logical choice to win this match? How does this match reflect the problems with Smackdown? All of these get answered you just have to listen.

Elimination Chamber 2011 pt 2

Stunt Granny Big 11- Week Ending 2/19/11

1. Eric Nelson – You ever sit back and ask yourself what the fuck happened to the people you know? Well this just happened. “Do you have band practice tonight?”  “Nope, dance lessons.” Of course, this is immediately followed by ridiculous amounts of ideas to publicly embarrass them so it works out just perfect. – Jeremy

2. Dolph Ziggler – Dolph made the stupid choice to go along and get booked in a firing angle on Smackdown. Why is this a stupid choice? Well, just about every time this angle is executed by WWE the wrestler goes bye bye. Sure this will probably lead to nothing, but the continuing trend of wrestlers allowing themselves the possibility of being unemployed needs to stop already. – Jeremy

3. Jerry Lawler – Jerry’s mom died this week at the age of 90. She reportedly had been diagnosed with and was suffering from Alzheimer’s.  In a rare moment of seriousness: what a shit disease. My aunt’s mother had dementia and her new storytelling abilities were at least fun. But Alzheimer’s just rapes you mentally. Its effect on everyone around them is devastating as well. Part of me wants WWE to cut him a break and give him the title Sunday. It won’t happen but it would be a nice gesture. Yeah, I am a dope. – Jeremy

4. Chris Jericho – His new book, “Undisputed,” was released to rave reviews (I’m picking it up this weekend and not sitting it down until I’m finished with it), but more importantly, he continued to cross the country to promote his book on the radio and in the meantime show everyone why he’s the smartest damned person in the wrestling business. He completely understands what it takes to get over, to stay over, and to get others over, and his self-awareness is second to none. Jericho is a character study in awesomeness. – Eric

5. The Rock – He cut an awesome promo for 20 minutes that didn’t feel like 20 minutes. I’m pumped that he’ll be involved at a Wrestlemania that I attend. He adds star power to a card that will feature the Miz (been around for a bit but is still getting his main event legs) and Alberto Del Rio (less than a year on WWE TV) in two main event matches. He even has a new shirt (and three retro shirts) that will sell like hot cakes. – Kevin

6. Jeff Hardy – Mr. Hardy got another continuance because one of his lawyers was sick (let’s hope he didn’t use any of his client’s medicine) and the local lawyer was needed to represent a murder suspect. The next hearing will be after Victory Road, which is where Hardy will drop the belt just in case he has to drop trow for Big Bubba. – Kevin

7. Rima Fakih – You may (totally not) know her as Miss USA, and you probably (but most likely didn’t really care that you) saw her as a guest host on Monday Night Raw. Oh, and she also loves to pole dance. But now you’ll know her for three important reasons: 1) She’s going to be on WWE Tough Enough, 2) She’s going to embarrass the fuck out of herself on WWE Tough Enough, and 3) She’s going to send at least 100 percent of the Stunt Granny crew into masturbatory fits. (P.S. You don’t wanna see Max pole dance, Kevin.) – Eric

8. Tough Enough – Speaking of Tough Enough, here’s some more shiz. It was recently reported that a bunch of noteworthy indy workers were rejected by casting for positions on this coming season of Tough Enough. Those names include Austin Aries, Joey Ryan, Mercedes Martinez and Brittney Savage. I know the internet community will be all up in arms about the Aries snub, but let’s face it – he’s too old and too short for WWE to give him serious consideration. I’m more surprised about Ryan, who has the size WWE likes and who has done some squashes for them in the past. – Dusty

Also, there was a wrestler who asked to not have his name mentioned who noted there was a frustration among the talents after dealing with the casting people. He apparently was led to believe he was going to be a part of the show, only to never hear back from the producers after the initial word. – Dusty

9. Vin Gerrard – That’s who the unnamed source was. No Source Dot Com, baby! – Dusty

10. Hernandez – Okay, check out this video first and then report right back:

It is a testament to how unprofessional and poorly run of a company TNA is that Hernandez was not immediately fired for that. I’m talking like during the match fired. What a total chump. He is 38 years old and has been wrestling since 1996, but apparently can’t be bothered to learn how to do his finishing maneuver properly. A special bonus to this is that he has the benefit of seeing Sheamus performing the move successfully every week on a television show that people actually bother to watch. Fuck Hernandez. – Dusty

11. Miguel Cabrera – Baseball season is right around the corner, so you’re going to have to get used to me talking about baseball. If you’re not down with baseball, you can kiss my a to the crooked letters. In any event, Jeremy’s boy Cabrera was recently caught with an obscenely high blood alcohol level, and was actually sipping on something while the officer was talking to him. That’s some Craig Ferguson shit, right there. In other news, the Oakland Athletics have a much better pitching staff than the Tigers. – Dusty

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Smackdown

An Edo Period Chamber Pot

I’ve already watched Superstars (featuring a whole lot of tag team action. Santino’s tights have too much going on now.) and TNA iMPACT! (which was better than normal until that terrible main event. The finishers for Jeff Hardy & RVD came out of nowhere. On top of that Mr. Anderson had to move himself in front of an awkwardly pushed Hardy into a corner. It almost looked like Eric dancing.) tonight. So I’m wading into the deep end by watching another “2” hours of wrestling. At least I have a Leinenkugel Honey Weiss and more cold beer in the fridge.

The 600th episode of Smackdown starts off with the coronation graphic. We get a 12 man tag match. Time to hit FF to save time.  Booker’s look at Cole when he rants about Edge being called champ makes it worth waiting to FF. Sheamus looks ridiculous and too cartoony now with the cape. Jeremy & I noted on our previews that the Raw Elimination Chamber has 4 faces & 2 heels and the Smackdown Elimination Chamber has 4 heels & 2 faces. It worked out for this match. The announcers are doing good work so far.

Nothing really happened in the match while I looked for the picture then they took another commercial break.

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