Stunt Granny Big 11 (OK 8)- Week Ending 3/5/11

1. Triple H- If he’s gonna bigfoot the entire roster, then he’s gonna bigfoot the Big 11, too. He came back last week and said nary a word. This week, he demolished the should-be-valuable King Sheamus, tore down the whole roster with one promo, and then clucked in a mainstream interview that he’s rich, married to the boss’ daughter and is a WWE exec while still being an active wrestler. I bet he can lick his own balls, too, and if he can’t, he should suffocate himself trying. -Eric

2. Bret Hart- The Hitman grabbed himself some Twitter real estate, including his middle initial “S” in his handle to effectively allow us to refer to him as “HitmanBretShart.” For a guy who’s so egotistical, he’s not very self-aware. -Eric

3. Hulk Hogan. Speaking of Twitter, the Hulkster used the popular social media tool to fire back at accusations made by Shart, insinuating that Hart was a two-faced back stabber who used to shoot himself up with steroids. Two wrongs don’t make a right, brother. -Eric

4. Sting – He returned to TNA and triumphantly won the TNA Title from Jeff Hardy. Sting may have used the photoshopped image of himself holding up the Undertaker’s Streak card to leverage himself a better contract and title reign. Now the Undertaker can officially drop the Punk Card on Sting’s wrestling career. – Kevin

5. Evan Bourne – His victory meant jack since it was against a battered Sheamus but he got to show off the best finisher in wrestling today. I’m pumped and I want to keep him in the news. – Kevin

6. Country Bars- Holy shit, It’s like Halloween 24/7 in these places? What a great excuse to play dress up and not have people staring. Well other than me. –Jeremy

7. Cody Rhodes- Ok the Phantom of The Opera gimmick is kind of funny. It gives him a showcase for his talking without exposing his still green tendencies in the ring. I like it and the match with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania could be the jump start for a hm. He is in the ring with a pro and better learn a lot while he can. –Jeremy

8. TNA Impact- TNA should make immediate plans to never, ever, go back to Orlando other than cleaning out the studios. TNA looked big time Thursday as an actual arena atmosphere was great. Yes the show still sucked but it was a huge improvement over Universal and the stale ass environment and crowd there. -Jeremy

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