Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

A pair of old friends playing catch up. Quite amusing to know she missed the married years of yours truly.

I started this blog a lot later than normal. My friend Charmaine showed up in town for a conference. I hadn’t seen her since architecture school so it was bad ass to get to talk to her for a couple of drinks. I sucked down a couple of Burning Rivers from Great Lakes Brewing Company. I did get to hear the reception “Stone Cold” Steve Austin got because someone at the bar we were at had Raw turned on. When Jeremy texted me that Dolph (KSU! KSU! KSU!) was coming to Raw, I decided I needed to do this blog. Let’s roll.

I got to buzz through the Undertaker/HHH recap and UT sauntering down to the ring. UT selling his own demise. They’re trying to sell this match but after the last 2 matches with Michaels, can you really believe any of this?  As I finish typing that, UT brings up that exact point. I said in Audio 131 that UT/HHH will be a good match. I should have said (If I didn’t) that it’s not going to come close to either of these matches with Michaels. If it does, I’ll record the piercing of my nipples and post it on the site. No Holds Barred, I’ll take the bet still. Johnny Cash rocks. Cena with a final knock out. Austin on TV. Then Orton has the upper hand on Nexus but is over taken. Evidently Punk & Nexus are going to send Orton somewhere worse than the shelf. A GTS is worse than being on the shelf? Ahh, dragging him to the ring. Paging Mr. Cena.

Orton is still being beat down, now with 4 referees around. Otunga looking for his match against Orton. Orton already making a Superman recovery. Maybe not so much. The way he got up in the corner gave me more confidence in his recovery than it should have. Cole screams Orton with a slam when Otunga did it. This is the best WWE can do on play by play, huh? Orton hits the RKO for the out of nowhere victory.  Nexus finally smart enough not to allow the Punt before they come down. Ryan gets an RKO too. Orton keeps Punk at bay. Otunga gets the punt. Wow, I am amusing stuff way too early tonight. Cole rightly calls for a halt to Orton’s punting. He should be applauding it in his new persona. Matthews should be saying that stuff. Cole gets to hype his own segment right afterward. Right from sensible guy, to over the top heel within seconds. Fucking awful. And again, this is the best the WWE thinks it can do. I don’t think I make fun of the announcers that get KSU football games this much.

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PWO Profiles – Johnny Gargano

I'm not sure why you'd want to be associated with images like this one.

Joe Dombrowski introduced Johnny Gargano and then the match at Pressure Rising which will be (now) a Three Way match between Gargano,  Jason Bane and “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross was booked in the match but probably got hired to do Tough Enough. Gargano apologized to Dombrowski for any previous unprofessional-ism he had toward Joe in the past.  Dombrowski said he was fine after doing two straight weeks with Aaron Maguire. (Hmm, I might have erased one of those weeks thinking it was a repeat or they aired them out of order, which wouldn’t be a first. This episode is the oldest on my DVR.)

Dombrowski described Gargano’s beginnings with Ashley Lane (now Madison Rayne) and Josh Prohibition. Dombrowski threw it to an interview with the threesome. Amusing that the interview has the heel/face parts swapped now between Fontaine & Gargano. Dombrowski rattled of a list of who Prohibition & Gargano had beaten. They end by talking about Colin Olsen (Delaney) who went on to the WWE right after this match was recorded. Dombrowski then rolled a clip of that match. Gargano acted goofy after the clip. He reminds me of Cena in the, not taking it serious enough area.

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