Jeremy’s Blog: You brought props? : The John Cena problem

What the hell is this pic advertising?

So who else was left asking “That’s it” after John Cena’s comeback promo to The Rock? Cena came out acting the same as he always does, not caring about anything. He then proceeds to “hip-hop” his statement back to The Rock. He used a video gimmick, a pearl necklace and then a t-shirt. This prompted the biggest laugh of the night at the homestead when one obviously frustrated and fed up fan yelled “You brought props?”

Yes indeed, in the face of a harsh and belittling promo the best John Cena could come up with was a shot of Rock eating a Shih Tzu; a pearl necklace, which apparently means he came on The Rock’s chest and a t-shirt.

In case it isn’t clear.

A pearl necklace.
A picture of The Rock eating a Shih Tzu.
A t-shirt.

Why should we, as the fans and the audience, care about anything that happens to John Cena when he clearly doesn’t. If someone insults you; blasts you on a national television program and it doesn’t bother you enough to show any sort of anger or resentment then the angle fails. Cena just blew it last night with yet another contrite and meaningless promo. It doesn’t matter if he holds up two fingers and then a fist to signify the score is two to nothing. Cena knows, at least he should know, he is being made to look foolish.

While in character, John Cena does not stand a chance of winning a verbal battle with The Rock. Hell, he can barely keep up with the likes of The Miz. So why bother keeping him on that leash? Allow him the same freedom they have allowed The Rock. Rock may be playing a character but you can tell the tinges of truth permeate his promos. This is something that is missing from John Cena’s promos and really in everything that John Cena does. John Cena seems to be holding back from really letting loose. Is WWE afraid that if Cena does legitimately shoot back on The Rock that he may damage the remaining fan base he has left? Will women and children turn on Cena the way that men and fans older than thirty already have? -Jeremy

Isn’t it worth a shot to let John Cena cut a from the heart style promo? If so, does he even have it in him? He is allowing a man who has been off of WWE television for seven years run him in to the ground. WWE is allowing their top guy; yes John Cena is the top guy, get run in to the ground for the sake of a few weeks of hype. The surprising aspect of all of this is that Vince McMahon is allowing this to happen. Maybe it will come out that he is lambasting John Cena behind the scenes for being a pussy in the ring. His aw shucks promos and silly hip-hop or rap promos just don’t cut it. If he hasn’t, he better. Vince seems to like the fact that Cena polarizes the audience but he now stands on the precipice of neutering John Cena in front of his fans.

Eric , yeah him, seems to think this entire angle is leading to a match at WrestleMania 28. At this point it sure seems like they have to lead to a physical confrontation but will it? This has the making of two men who will finally spar in the ring, verbally. Then rectify their differences and Rock ends up endorsing Cena. Could it be that Vince is pulling the strings on this in the hopes that Rock’s endorsement will help Cena gain traction with the male audience? Well, the male audience who despises cheering for people who pander to children. It’s doubtful but it is a better idea then letting their top draw and merchandise guy flail helplessly as Rock tears him apart.

TNA’s Brian Kendrick on The Price is Right, will probably be fined, fired


How much did you bid for that wonderful luggage?

This is the type of morning news we all want to read: According to, TNA flounderer Brian Kendrick was a contestant on “The Price is Right” this morning, bidding his way out of contestant’s row, but losing Secret X and then not winning when he spun the Big Wheel. It’s still awesome that he was on — one of my secret lifelong dreams is to play Plinko on TPIR, but who’s dream isn’t that? — but because it was a third-party booking without TNA’s approval, and because Kendrick wore a Seattle Sounders soccer T-shirt instead of an AJ Styles “Flying Forearm” tee, Kendrick will likely be fired by TNA by this afternoon. -Eric

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