TNA’s Brian Kendrick on The Price is Right, will probably be fined, fired


How much did you bid for that wonderful luggage?

This is the type of morning news we all want to read: According to, TNA flounderer Brian Kendrick was a contestant on “The Price is Right” this morning, bidding his way out of contestant’s row, but losing Secret X and then not winning when he spun the Big Wheel. It’s still awesome that he was on — one of my secret lifelong dreams is to play Plinko on TPIR, but who’s dream isn’t that? — but because it was a third-party booking without TNA’s approval, and because Kendrick wore a Seattle Sounders soccer T-shirt instead of an AJ Styles “Flying Forearm” tee, Kendrick will likely be fired by TNA by this afternoon. -Eric

3 Responses

  1. I called bullshit, he only got on the show because Drew Carey owns part of the Sounders and got erect when he saw Spanky’s shirt.

  2. Something about that once-fat, now-skinny twirp being erect makes me wanna vomit. -E

  3. Yes, my sister asked me if Drew Carey was sick because of the sudden weight loss. There is something terminal looking about him.

    She’s also convinced he wears a rug.

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